Thursday, February 21, 2013

Organic Chabad Food in Deliverable Doses

Of all the Rebbe's campaigns, the last one he discharged proves to be the hardest to execute. Realizing the heavy burden he imposed on his emissaries, the Rebbe offered assistive advice. He told them to:
"Wrap the incredulous in digestible form!"
אורות דתהו בכלים דתיקון

The chassidim knew exactly what the "incredulous" entailed. They knew they had to persuade non-Chabad people to accept the sovereignty of the Rebbe, King Moshiach.

What they did NOT know was - to what extent this incredulity would jump in intensity. For, on the 3rd of Tammuz 1994, their burden encountered a liability they never expected. Only then did it dawn on them what the Rebbe really meant by that term (אורות דתהו). For, not only was the Rebbe's sovereignty an issue, but now, his apparent death complicated the issue one hundred-fold.

The chassidim also had understood the original requirement - to deliver a heavy message to unknowing folk - in "digestible form" (בכלים דתיקון). After all, the Jewish people would find the idea of accepting a monarch quite bizarre. Emissaries therefore would have to explain a whole chunk of information, bit by bit, making each bit by itself readily absorbable.

But suddenly, on Tammuz 3, even plenty of Chabadniks themselves would choke on what they were meant to now feed their counterparts.

Suddenly, both phrases used by the Rebbe, namely, "Mold the incredulous", "in palatable format", acquired new, prodigious proportions. The task at hand for the Rebbe's soldier now required introspection, more learning, tact - in short, a new basic training course for the infantry before they can go out and execute the Rebbe's orders.

Note, that regarding the message of Moshiach, the Rebbe said, "in digestible form" - and did NOT say, "something digestible". His emissaries have no permission to improvise their own message; Only the Rebbe's message can be delivered. The emissary has room for originality strictly in the MANNER of delivery of the message, each delivery as per his targeted "vessel".

A Chabad chassid can decide he won't open his mouth to tell someone of Moshiach's identity. However, were someone to turn the question on him, he has no right to deny the pure faith that springs forth from the Rebbe's own words. If he feels he cannot clearly and decisively declare "the incredulous", it is better he not respond at all.

The only, single authority upon whom the responsibility of Chabad rests - is the Rebbe himself. Whatever the Rebbe said or wrote to the public, a chassid may repeat and can repeat without any reservation. But he mustn't mix in his own interpretations or try to dilute "the incredulous".

Just as Hashem communicated to Jews through Moses, Hashem communicated to this Jewish generation through the Rebbe's mouth. The Rebbe leads the generation. The Rebbe's words are holy. The Rebbe's message is wholesome organic food for Jewish souls to thrive on. The Shulchan Aruch warns that good food taken in oversized measure is detrimental. So let's feed on the Rebbe's words, bit by bit, and the Jewish people will again see the glory they so much deserve - very soon, please God!

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