Saturday, February 02, 2013

Israel - A Spectator's View

For those who disagree that - as of now - we are inside the Era of Redemption, inside of Moshiach's times, just come sit with me on my cloud for one moment and let's look down to see things from this perspective.

There are those who regard the aftermath of the "Arab Spring" as inviting menacing prospects that lurk in Israel's future, that unrest among Arab countries can spill over the border.

Remember when the Jews of Egypt, under Moses, first got their respite from oppressive slave labor? It happened with the very 1st of the 10 plagues. How could an Egyptian slave overseer even think of the Jewish element when suddenly he's obsessed about finding some water to drink?

The same thing is happening all over again. Just when Syria and Egypt, two countries with huge armies and arsenals, posed a real threat to Israel, Jews can now watch these armies crumble and implode even as we speak.

If the Jews in Egypt actually found relief from slavery by the 1st plague, why did God not redeem them right then; Why keep them inside Egypt until all 10 plagues run their course? Because after so many years under slavery, Jews needed convincing from their erroneous thinking, thinking the Egyptians were strong and invincible. Jews had to see and relearn the power of God, as He tore away their myths.

Just as Israelis think America is all-powerful and a necessary partner to realistically face down her multitude of threats, wherever they might arise, God implanted an anti-Israel and anti-Jewish regime in America, to ween the Jews off this erroneous thinking that America for them is an important protectorate. If anything, America needs Israel (See "Secret of Superpower Status").

Just as the Egyptians were shaken to the core, taught that there is none else but God, so too the nations that seethe with hate against the Jewish nation are now being stricken with a plague, call it the Post-Arab Spring plague, the first of many that will strike them.

Not one word of the Rebbe ever fell by the wayside. The Rebbe said - Israel is the safest place in the world for Jews! He never changed his mind.

Syria is imploding from within. We hardly have to lift a finger. Lebanon, the other menace in the North, also begins to crumble. The language of firepower has replaced verbal differences.

The relative quiet years that pervaded the Middle East are giving way to an inferno. Jews need only sit back and watch how the Arabs deal each other the 10 plagues - as the Redemption unfolds.

In order to receive the Torah at Sinai, Jews had to be purged of their myths, had to internalize the fact that they are God's special children, that they need put their faith in Moses, the prophet and leader of the generation, and beside God - there is none!

Similarly today, before the ultimate stage of Redemption manifests, we have to internalize that the Era of Redemption has begun, and it calls for accepting the leader of the generation.

Thanks for your company. You might disagree on Israel's long-term prospects and the Redemption Era we're into, but now that you've shared the Chabad viewpoint, you'll not easily be able to dismiss it, as the events unfold.


  1. so why are we still in Boro Park? Crown Heights?, etc. and not in Israel?

  2. Zahava - I want to live in Israel as much as you.

    But as long as Arabs continue to get more and more rights (seen my post of the Jerusalem riffraff, where - even in Jerusalem - the capital, they feel the place is theirs), while religious rights are trampled on; With no annexation of Jewish lands; With Arabs allowed free access to all roads and places; Without making it a Jewish land, rather than a free-for-all-comers land; With Arabs in Knesset, in judgeships, in where-not; I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. The more you give an Arab, the more his ego inflates to desire more. He's never happy until he owns you - and then - see what they do to each other. But the administrations stille coddle up to anti-Semitic nations who seek our destruction, including the present U.S. regime.

    Besides I have a job here that may not be available there.