Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Brooklyn Lady Tells it Like it is

What Women's Media Need to Know About Chassidic Women

When you slam Orthodox Jews because you think you're defending or somehow liberating the women of our communities, you're actually doing us a huge disservice.

Hi. I'm Chaya, and I am a Chassidic Jewish woman. I am also a media professional with a degree in Women's Studies from a large, very liberal university (magna cum laude, baby!).
In the past few days, I've been reading the backlash against "the asifa," a recent mass meeting of religious Jewish men meant to draw a few boundaries around Internet use in our homes (meaning religious Jewish homes; not your house).
Whenever religious Jews make a stink about some cultural issue, the media moves in on it with a bizarre kind of vengeance. Like yesterday, Katie J.M. Baker published an article on Jezebel about the event, in which she actually compared Jewish men to ants!
See: "While men in traditional Orthodox garb filed into Citi Field as steadily as a never-ending line of ants approaching an anthill…" Um, where have I seen Jews compard to insects before? Oh, wait, WWII.
As a resident of Brooklyn, the epicenter of all things hipster and the home of many, many clad-in-black religious Jews, I'd like to clarify a few things for all of you. Here are a few things you need to know about Chassidic women:
1. We are not imprisoned.
The last time I checked (which was right now), I am free to do whatever I want to do. Nobody is making me do anything. If I want to leave the community I live in, whether to go grocery shopping or to put on a pair of pants and go to a disco and snort coke, I can. Nobody is going to stop me. Would I wear a pair of skinny jeans and snort coke in a disco? No. Why?
2. We like ourselves the way we are. And most of us are happy.
Poor Deborah Feldman got the short end of the stick. She got a dysfunctional family and a crummy school. But listen: That happens everywhere. How many (non-Jewish or secular Jewish) friends of yours come from dysfunctional families and crappy schools and just couldn't wait to leave home? Did they represent your entire hometown?
We call becoming lax in religious observance and adopting a secular lifestyle "frying out." People fry out all the time. Most of us, though, feel like we are leading pretty rewarding lives.
Look at it this way: When your friends go to India to learn how to meditate and come home "leading spiritual lives" and suddenly won't go out for barbecue with you, you think it is cool. Your friend is leading a spiritual life. Spiritual lives involve boundaries and not just doing whatever your body feels like at that second. We lead spiritual lives. Leading a spiritual life is rewarding.
3. We find our husbands attractive.
You know those guys with the long beards and the black coats who are always reading something in Hebrew on the train and you're kind of freaked out by them? So they're our husbands.
My husband has a very impressive beard. He wears a black suit, and a kippah and a black hat. He is also the most handsome, hot, attractive man in the entire world to me. Nobody forced me to marry him. My father did not trade me to him for a flock of sheep.
Fun fact: Jewish law prohibits marrying someone who you're not attracted to. Another fun fact: In the Jewish marriage contract, one of the conditions of marriage is that a husband is obligated to sexually satisfy his wife. If my husband would deny "conjugal rights" to me, that's grounds for divorce. Pretty effing progressive if you ask me.
4. We have been happily shagging for millennia. Jews never had the concept of "original sin."
Judaism is the original sex-positive culture. What? You heard me right. Y'all need "sex-positive Third wave feminism" to help you feel like having sex is OK. Jews bypassed the whole Christian idea that all sex, even in marriage, is a sin. And Protestant asceticism just never happened for us.
G-d likes it when a married Jewish couple has sex. Jews never got a message that sex is dirty. We think sex is good. It is so good that having it is actually a commandment. No, we cannot shag "anything that moves." No, we can't sleep around or have sex outside of marriage. But once you're married, sex is totally cool and awesome and G-d likes it.
I don't know who made up the dumb story about having sex through a sheet, but let's bury that old chestnut now. Having sex through a sheet is actually prohibited by Torah and we are commanded explicitly by G-d to get totally naked to shag. Just in case you're wondering.
5. Mikveh is awesome. We don't go to the mikveh because we're "dirty."
Holy moly! How many times have I heard feminists totally misread the Jewish practice of abstaining from sex during one's period and then immersing in a mikveh (a ritual bath)? It is hard to explain this one to people who grew up in Puritan America.
When you hear the word "impure," it has a totally different meaning than the meaning it has in the context of Torah. In Torah, you're dealing with states of being that are related to the service in the Beis HaMikdash (the Great Temple). It's called "ritual purity" and "ritual impurity." These states of being have nothing to do with being dirty or clean. You could, in fact, not shower for days and roll in the mud and you'd still be "ritually pure."
Are you confused? You should be. We think about these things in a paradigm that is so not the dominant paradigm.
All you need to know is that the practice of not touching your husband when you're on your period and then immersing in a mikveh is awesome. Most women's mikvehs are like spas. Picture the most beautiful spa you've ever been to, in a quiet all-girls safe space, and that's mikveh.
Incidentally, Orthodox Jewish women have one of the lowest rates of cervical and other reproductive cancers because of…wait for it…these customs. We do not have sex at times that our vaginas are vulnerable to infection (such as right after birth). Because we do internal checks for menstrual blood the week after we finish menstruating, the rate of early detection of (G-d forbid) tumors and cysts in the vagina is very high.
You think we are sexually repressed and afraid of our own bodies just because we dress modestly? Every single Chassidic woman you see sticks her own fingers in her own vagina at least twice a day for 7 days of the month. The chicks in my women's studies classes didn't even do that.
In conclusion…
When you slam Orthodox Jews because you think you're defending or somehow liberating the women of our communities, you're actually doing us a huge disservice. When you slam Jewish men, you're slamming us, too. Not in my name, gals.
The next time you see a Jewish lady in a wig pushing a baby carriage through Brooklyn, I hope you won't see an imprisoned waif who is just waiting to be liberated. Cuz we're not like that. We're strong. We're invincible. And we make delicious kugel. L'chaim, chicas!
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Twilight Before Redemption

Like it or not, Islam is on the rise - radical Islam, of course, because they always predominate. It is now well embedded in the U.S. too, and soon enough that fact will become obvious, as obvious as it is to the Europeans. The fact that after 9/11 we see greater - not less - Muslim penetration, so much so the White House itself shills for the Islamic blueprint, like officially turning NASA into an agency for outreach to Moslem countries, ought to be enough of an indication.

Israel too, after its people have come out scorched from a European inferno, cannot right itself in the eyes of the nations. And as you know, we had leftists run our Jewish nation for most if not all this time, literally bending over backwards to appease the nations and pacify the enemy. And what did it help? What could easily be the best little country in the world to live in, for Jews, is, relatively speaking, still a disaster, where a wrong turn at some traffic signal, if you can't read Arabic, might bring you straight into the throes of hateful rock-throwers eyeing to smash your car and kill you. And the police of Israel, with their tail between their feet, will perhaps write up a report. Where parts of the country must still remain Jew-free. Where, if you happen to live on land where a former administration told you to go live, a current administration may well drag you out of and hand your property over to the enemy. Where many kids growing up know more about Madonna than they do about Queen Esther.

And what about Israel's immediate neighbors. Syria gets help from a wealthy Iran and sinister Russia, who's parked some battleships along Syria's shores. Belligerent Iran is near nuclear-capable. Egypt looks to go berserk radical. Jordan is raising its snout because it thinks America is abandoning Israel (they are right!). Saudi Arabia is still pumping oil and God keeps their spigots wide open. Lebanon and Gaza are hotbeds of hate and lethal threat. Turkey is itching for action. The noose around Israel's neck appears to be tightening again.

Will it get better? For Jews the future picture looks black. The world could care less. Even in the U.S., where Jews flourished for many years, the Islamic serpent is shedding its old skin, soon to rear his ugly head, while the inidigenous Esau-hater of Jews will add fuel to the fire. In Israel, the left, with their money coffers always being filled, and the crooked elements that pander to the enemy, still have their hands on the helm.

All in all, the prospects certainly look awfully bleak for the Jew, wherever he may be. Unless, of course you believe God runs the world and is pushing Jews, nay, nudging them more and more to consider Him, consider His Torah, consider His commandments and consider Jewish pride - because, as is becoming palpable, the future of Moshiach is all but upon us. We stand literally inside of the threshold of the Era of Ultimate Redemption!

When it finally comes down to it and God separates the evil from the cauldron of world events, how many righteous Gentiles do you think will remain steadfast friends of the Jewish people? We'll be able to count them on one hand.

As for my own take on the many menacing countries surrounding Israel, it seems a lot worse than it really is; As bad as it looks for the tiny Jewish country, the Arabs will be kept to just barking, but God will make sure they cannot bite.

"And a redeemer is coming to Zion, and to those who return from iniquity, says God." (Is. 59:20). And, as Rashi often teaches us in Torah, "says God" expresses God's oath to the Jewish people.

Monday, May 14, 2012

It's All in the Mind

People don't quite understand just how powerful the mind can exert its influence on the body and spirit. You can have wealth and health because - it's all in the mind!

(And it always helps to have someone who believes in your potential.)

Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Counter Homosexuality - The Scourge of Society

Someone has to say something against the troubling trend in the U.S., and even in Israel, to "accept" homosexuality, or being politically correct to tolerate it. If conservative circles also won't speak out against this depravity, at least here I can tell the "surfer" Torah's perspective of it.

Torah shows utter contempt for male homosexuality!

"Do not lie with a man as you would a woman; That is a disgusting perversion." (Lev.18:22)

"Were a man to lie with a male as he would a female, both commit a disgusting perversion ...." (Lev.20:13)

Both these times that it makes mention of homosexuality, Torah also mentions bestiality. No wonder homosexuals despise Torah, at least those who know of this prohibition.

Even without knowing Torah's abhorrence of it, the very physiology of the act speaks for itself. First of all, because homosexuality is unproductive, inasmuch as no children can thereby be created, nature itself testifies to this unnatural physical alliance. A society promoting such perverse habits would grind to a halt in a few generations.

Secondly, the involved anatomy speaks for itself. The act of releasing sperm into the path of excrement shows you just how vile it really is. They take the canal of human, contaminated waste as a replacement for the corridor of birth. This behavior renders sperm the equivalent of dung, rather than confer sanctity of life to the seed's potential.

The epitome of decadence: 3rd graders made to 
introduce B.H.O. at a homosexual-"pride" event. 
(6/13/13)  [link]
Human nature forces upon homosexuals a cognitive dissonance, a spiritual discomfort from being in conflict with their physical endowments. Whereas all the world propagates naturally under man-woman alliances, these men acquire beliefs and emotions that conflict with those of normal people. They become promiscuous, arrogant and void of morality. They become averse to holy aspirations. Because they shun procreation, they lack concern for children - and therefore for other people, or for the future of civilization. What's more, they can easily slide into pornography, pedophilia, sadism or bestiality.

Man's natural emotional attachment to a woman homosexuals transfer to males instead. This explains the superficial affectations they display to other males, but there is a deeper consequence. His psychology suffers because man's nature is predominantly to give, whereas a woman's nature is predominantly to receive. Yet here, in a perversion of roles, a giver tries to become a receiver, and whatever giving occurs is effectively nil because the receptivity is artificial.

To relieve mental stress, they seek to coerce people to accept their orientation, for the more people they can convince this perversion is "normal", the more their own deviate course resembles the norm.

Because grown men cannot be convinced to abandon a sane mentality, commonly - the homosexuals' victims are innocent children or unsuspecting youth! Homosexual adults secretly salivate when a youngster innocently walks within their proximity. Homosexuals are, in fact, a peril to society.

As long as they can indulge with selfish glee, they could care less if they tear down society's mores. Now that they have "liberal" politicians to back this perversion with sanctions, their next goal is to institute "same-sex marriage". Little by little they bring chaos to civilization. While they are at it, they also are in the forefront that fights against religious tolerance and for the rights of pornographers.

One good way to hide from people the truth of homosexual perversion is to refrain from the word "homosexual" and replace it with a "better-sounding" label - being "gay". Of course it has nothing to do with gaiety but those pushing the liberal agenda continue to use and thus endorse the euphemism. What better way to whitewash the ugly?

Rationalization is most often the recourse taken by the homosexual to explain his "tendencies". After all, he claims, his homosexual desires are innate. He may as well tell us man-woman attraction is unnatural.

See how arrogant they can be! Never mind that nature disagrees, for, like we said, were it "natural", life would come to a halt, genealogy would serve no purpose, and sperm would hold no advantage over feces. And never mind the marvelous workings built into nature just to ensure reproductive capability.

But they also negate Torah, the word of God, that twice calls their behavior "a disgusting perversion". Would a benevolent God impose upon His creatures an edict to go against their instincts? Why would God compare it to bestiality? Do they claim bestiality as innate too?

We must show homosexuals mercy. Usually they begin their perversion innocently. It could have been in a boys' school, where boys romp free in shower stalls, for example. It could have been a roommate's sideswipe. It could have been virtually any inadvertent behavior that builds on itself. Often these first encounters become quashed in due time. But the most common way is to be duped by an adult pervert. We must show mercy because it might be difficult to unlearn this sordid habit. Only the inveterate, brazen homosexual who upholds respect for this vulgarity should be regarded as evil, those who arrogantly wave their banner of deceitful "pride".

Homosexuality, if sanctioned, promotes child abuse. A homosexual will approach a boy under normal pretenses and then seek to satisfy his lust by tricking the boy to submit. Most children are thus duped their first time. Here, for example, is a case in point, where a gay mayor tried to lure his 5th child victim! Or, how's this for a headline, "At Least 11 Mayors Accused of Child Sex-Related Crimes Since 2016"?

The "liberal" homosexual mindset strives to destroy society's moral fabric. A recent example was New York city's "gay parade". This was a march of adults. But who did they stand in as "the grand marshal" of the parade? A 10-year old boy! The poor kid probably believed he achieved greatness thereby. The adult organizers not only did not care children bystanders would see this parade, they wanted other children to watch and "learn". What could be more loathsome than to see perverts openly dragging civilization into the sewer?

On the day these perverts have their "Gay Pride Parade", normal people also should go out on the streets with their families and make a parade of their own, an "Express Relief Parade" - to express their relief for being normal, happy families, which isn't something we ought to take for granted as long as perversion remains so blatant a stain on society.

One point deserves repetition. Homosexuality takes the sanctity out of marriage. The holy union between man and wife, that which God ordained for the sake of procreation and for the union of two "halves", they find irreverent. The irreverence generalizes across all their behaviors. They prefer a measure of anarchy to destabilize normal society, so you find many of them secretly inviting Islamic terrorism by advocating political correctness. You find many of them in the educational system encouraging false science and integrating this into children's and collegiate textbooks. For example, many subscribe to the global warming hoax and certainly they champion hollow "evolutionism" to deny God and creation. These restless souls often are preoccupied in all matters that negate sanctity of freedom, of worship, of property rights, or the sanctity of anything "endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights" that keep a society from disintegrating.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Israel - Why All the Focus?

The same picture, depending on how you choose to look at it.

- - - - -

Is it not remarkable so many Arab/Muslim countries, comprising much of two continents, with more land mass than Israel one-thousand fold, cannot concentrate on normal living as long as that tiny sliver of land called Israel remains viable? All those people in all those countries just can't gain their composure unless they sweep the few Jews left there into the sea.

Just as amazing is the rest of the world's focus on tiny Israel; Instead of telling Arabs/Muslims to "Shut up!" and "Get on with your lives!", they too, across all the continents, just can't mind their own business; They feel they have the right to meddle in the Arab-Israeli "problem".

So the whole world practically, in one way or another, just can't keep to their own affairs without imposing upon tiny, itsy-bitsy Israel.

To be sure, scattered here and there, proponents and sympathizers of tiny Israel exist, but, on the whole, it's usually a "bullying" affair. What a phenomenon to behold! As if among 10,000 people in a room, one, who's trying to keep a low profile, irks them all.

So - why all the focus? Why are all eyes around the world continually drawn to the Jewish land? Why all this fuss over Jews all the time?

Jews short on historical perspective, those who share horizons with their Gentile counterparts who see what exists today and not what transpired over centuries and millennia, cannot be expected to understand this puzzle. These Jews see only the tip of their own historical iceberg. Therefore they take this bullying from around the world to heart. They therefore cow to liberal elements who attribute legitimacy to Arab claims. They therefore offer up compromises to appease non-Arab countries that exert pressure.

In contrast, Jews who hold Torah and its prophecies close to their bosom, see in panoramic scope what takes account of the traditional Judaic perspective. These therefore take comfort from all this badgering. They see the same bullying, the same pressures, only they see all this as if they were sitting on clouds above the din looking down below seeing history unfold before their eyes just as predicted in the Holy Books.

They know the long history of Jewish travail and its ultimate purpose, to refine the world, much like the refinement of gold from earth's raw ore, to prepare the people of the earth for a loftier experiential purpose. They know and now finally sense the proximity of Moshiach and the Era of Ultimate Redemption soon to burst forth onto the world theater. They saw and felt the birth pangs of this utopia with the passing of the Holocaust; They noted the redemption of the Holy Land, after it purposely laid bare two thousand years waiting for their return; They saw Torah orthodoxy return and strike deep roots, thriving against the strong winds of assimilative forces; They saw how against mighty odds tiny Israel miraculously scored victories in every single war it was forced to fight.

And now they watch these last few moments of exile, as much of the world scrimmages against its people, how this little country remains in the headlines, no matter what week or day of the year it is. Something obviously is coming down the pike, and it can only spell "Era of Final and Ultimate Redemption". For this reason Torah-true Jews take comfort.

They know divine providence is forcing the world's attention on the one people whose fate will touch and involve own lives, for they will encounter cataclysmic changes, be they benign or mortal, as a new world order is ushered in, one with more tangible divine expression - one from which the good will remain standing firm and evil will be obliterated.

The bickering serves a purpose. Sides must be taken. No one can remain apathetic. They will have to align with either the good or the bad. A separation must be operative before extraction of the unwanted element is disposed of. Good and evil sides will become distinct.

This focus serves to generate busy interactions whose ultimate purpose is to separate the impure from the pure. Thereby, when the right moment arises, evil will be vanquished and the Jewish people and her true friends will hail and rejoice in a world liberated from evil once and for all.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Holocaust in Support of Rebellion

A Jewish Author wrote:
"This idea of God as half-security blanket ... is completely antithetical to the idea of God I was raised with. The God I was brought up to worship was a mercurial force requiring annual appeasement in the form of High Holiday services, when the entire congregation would gather to personally apologize to Him for eating bacon and cheating on our taxes, and beg Him not to kill us this year.

"... I mean, if He couldn't be bothered to intervene in the Holocaust why intervene for me .... There is no plan. I'm one of billions scurrying around a senseless universe. And honestly, the idea couldn't come as more of a relief."
In response:

The single argument that consistently arises among rebellious Jewish disbelievers in God reverts back to the Holocaust. How could a "wise" and "beneficent" God, they ask, have destroyed 6 million people - and of His people no less?

This question takes as its premise that this God must be understandable, as least enough to provide a good answer for so obvious an injustice.

By demanding an answer, this question, in effect, wants to cast God in anthropomorphic guise, as a God that makes "human sense", which really tells you more about the questioner than it does of his object of inquiry. The questioner reckons his mind will grasp the explanation and the scope of that explanation, and if not, this God cannot fit his reasoning. Hereby we sense the mindset of an inflated ego.

As to why the Holocaust occurred, we cannot answer. The Jewish prophets relayed the words of God to the Jewish people, "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways." (e.g., Isaiah 55:8)

In fact, says Maimonides, God's thoughts, unlike man's, are not set apart from Him, as thoughts and the thinker can be separated in man; God and His thoughts are - one and the same! How can this be? We cannot even begin to fathom this reality; We'll simply never know.

But our ignorance of God should not surprise us. Can a nest know its bird? Can an explosion understand its etiology? Can milk understand the cow? In other words, can a product know its maker? The idea that man can get to "know" his creator is infinitely more ludicrous.

That's not to say God keeps us completely in the dark. He gave us Torah and prophecies from which we can learn how best to behave and interact with the world at large - to please Him, as well as for our own benefit.

That we have questions about God's leadership is fine; But to take this doubt as justification for abandoning Him - really is more a self-serving convenience than a reasoned response on whether to acknowledge a controlling omnipotent deity. To perceive the world as "senseless" can only come from a simmering, restless mindset oblivious of all the wonderous phenomena and natural aesthetics that surround us. For every process in the universe, from the nanoscopic to the astronomic, reveals beautiful and amazingly intricate organization. Despite the full-scoped continuous blueprint of brilliant planning displayed by nature, the tunnel-vision of this Jewish author sees "no plan", no organization. Were she to walk the desert and find lying in the sand a fine-tuned Swiss watch, her high-strung mind might just conclude that "random events" created that masterpiece, and by mere accidents of nature it ended up by her feet.

No doubt the argument of "no plan and no organization" is a whimsical add-on to the author's main protestation - that which relates to the Holocaust. The anger for the Holocaust effectively renders all thought of universal planning and organization as practically irrelevant. The author's anger gets in the way of reasoning with equanimity, and until that primary emotion cools off, it will block any logic or reasoning from consideration. On the other hand, it may well be she seeks a good reason for rebelling, and by flaunting a "respectable discourse" she can convince herself and justify her break with tradition.

Anger and its associate, the inflated ego, Torah tells us, interfere with persuasion. But once that anger dissipates, space now becomes available for the brain, perched over the heart, to convey to the heart plenty of good reasons to reject anger and, instead, appreciate and trust our benevolent God Almighty.