Thursday, May 03, 2012

Israel - Why All the Focus?

The same picture, depending on how you choose to look at it.

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Is it not remarkable so many Arab/Muslim countries, comprising much of two continents, with more land mass than Israel one-thousand fold, cannot concentrate on normal living as long as that tiny sliver of land called Israel remains viable? All those people in all those countries just can't gain their composure unless they sweep the few Jews left there into the sea.

Just as amazing is the rest of the world's focus on tiny Israel; Instead of telling Arabs/Muslims to "Shut up!" and "Get on with your lives!", they too, across all the continents, just can't mind their own business; They feel they have the right to meddle in the Arab-Israeli "problem".

So the whole world practically, in one way or another, just can't keep to their own affairs without imposing upon tiny, itsy-bitsy Israel.

To be sure, scattered here and there, proponents and sympathizers of tiny Israel exist, but, on the whole, it's usually a "bullying" affair. What a phenomenon to behold! As if among 10,000 people in a room, one, who's trying to keep a low profile, irks them all.

So - why all the focus? Why are all eyes around the world continually drawn to the Jewish land? Why all this fuss over Jews all the time?

Jews short on historical perspective, those who share horizons with their Gentile counterparts who see what exists today and not what transpired over centuries and millennia, cannot be expected to understand this puzzle. These Jews see only the tip of their own historical iceberg. Therefore they take this bullying from around the world to heart. They therefore cow to liberal elements who attribute legitimacy to Arab claims. They therefore offer up compromises to appease non-Arab countries that exert pressure.

In contrast, Jews who hold Torah and its prophecies close to their bosom, see in panoramic scope what takes account of the traditional Judaic perspective. These therefore take comfort from all this badgering. They see the same bullying, the same pressures, only they see all this as if they were sitting on clouds above the din looking down below seeing history unfold before their eyes just as predicted in the Holy Books.

They know the long history of Jewish travail and its ultimate purpose, to refine the world, much like the refinement of gold from earth's raw ore, to prepare the people of the earth for a loftier experiential purpose. They know and now finally sense the proximity of Moshiach and the Era of Ultimate Redemption soon to burst forth onto the world theater. They saw and felt the birth pangs of this utopia with the passing of the Holocaust; They noted the redemption of the Holy Land, after it purposely laid bare two thousand years waiting for their return; They saw Torah orthodoxy return and strike deep roots, thriving against the strong winds of assimilative forces; They saw how against mighty odds tiny Israel miraculously scored victories in every single war it was forced to fight.

And now they watch these last few moments of exile, as much of the world scrimmages against its people, how this little country remains in the headlines, no matter what week or day of the year it is. Something obviously is coming down the pike, and it can only spell "Era of Final and Ultimate Redemption". For this reason Torah-true Jews take comfort.

They know divine providence is forcing the world's attention on the one people whose fate will touch and involve own lives, for they will encounter cataclysmic changes, be they benign or mortal, as a new world order is ushered in, one with more tangible divine expression - one from which the good will remain standing firm and evil will be obliterated.

The bickering serves a purpose. Sides must be taken. No one can remain apathetic. They will have to align with either the good or the bad. A separation must be operative before extraction of the unwanted element is disposed of. Good and evil sides will become distinct.

This focus serves to generate busy interactions whose ultimate purpose is to separate the impure from the pure. Thereby, when the right moment arises, evil will be vanquished and the Jewish people and her true friends will hail and rejoice in a world liberated from evil once and for all.

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