Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Counter Homosexuality - The Scourge of Society

Someone has to say something against the troubling trend in the U.S., and even in Israel, to "accept" homosexuality, or being politically correct to tolerate it. If conservative circles also won't speak out against this depravity, at least here I can tell the "surfer" Torah's perspective of it.

Torah shows utter contempt for male homosexuality!

"Do not lie with a man as you would a woman; That is a disgusting perversion." (Lev.18:22)

"Were a man to lie with a male as he would a female, both commit a disgusting perversion ...." (Lev.20:13)

Both these times that it makes mention of homosexuality, Torah also mentions bestiality. No wonder homosexuals despise Torah, at least those who know of this prohibition.

Even without knowing Torah's abhorrence of it, the very physiology of the act speaks for itself. First of all, because homosexuality is unproductive, inasmuch as no children can thereby be created, nature itself testifies to this unnatural physical alliance. A society promoting such perverse habits would grind to a halt in a few generations.

Secondly, the involved anatomy speaks for itself. The act of releasing sperm into the path of excrement shows you just how vile it really is. They take the canal of human, contaminated waste as a replacement for the corridor of birth. This behavior renders sperm the equivalent of dung, rather than confer sanctity of life to the seed's potential.

The epitome of decadence: 3rd graders made to 
introduce B.H.O. at a homosexual-"pride" event. 
(6/13/13)  [link]
Human nature forces upon homosexuals a cognitive dissonance, a spiritual discomfort from being in conflict with their physical endowments. Whereas all the world propagates naturally under man-woman alliances, these men acquire beliefs and emotions that conflict with those of normal people. They become promiscuous, arrogant and void of morality. They become averse to holy aspirations. Because they shun procreation, they lack concern for children - and therefore for other people, or for the future of civilization. What's more, they can easily slide into pornography, pedophilia, sadism or bestiality.

Man's natural emotional attachment to a woman homosexuals transfer to males instead. This explains the superficial affectations they display to other males, but there is a deeper consequence. His psychology suffers because man's nature is predominantly to give, whereas a woman's nature is predominantly to receive. Yet here, in a perversion of roles, a giver tries to become a receiver, and whatever giving occurs is effectively nil because the receptivity is artificial.

To relieve mental stress, they seek to coerce people to accept their orientation, for the more people they can convince this perversion is "normal", the more their own deviate course resembles the norm.

Because grown men cannot be convinced to abandon a sane mentality, commonly - the homosexuals' victims are innocent children or unsuspecting youth! Homosexual adults secretly salivate when a youngster innocently walks within their proximity. Homosexuals are, in fact, a peril to society.

As long as they can indulge with selfish glee, they could care less if they tear down society's mores. Now that they have "liberal" politicians to back this perversion with sanctions, their next goal is to institute "same-sex marriage". Little by little they bring chaos to civilization. While they are at it, they also are in the forefront that fights against religious tolerance and for the rights of pornographers.

One good way to hide from people the truth of homosexual perversion is to refrain from the word "homosexual" and replace it with a "better-sounding" label - being "gay". Of course it has nothing to do with gaiety but those pushing the liberal agenda continue to use and thus endorse the euphemism. What better way to whitewash the ugly?

Rationalization is most often the recourse taken by the homosexual to explain his "tendencies". After all, he claims, his homosexual desires are innate. He may as well tell us man-woman attraction is unnatural.

See how arrogant they can be! Never mind that nature disagrees, for, like we said, were it "natural", life would come to a halt, genealogy would serve no purpose, and sperm would hold no advantage over feces. And never mind the marvelous workings built into nature just to ensure reproductive capability.

But they also negate Torah, the word of God, that twice calls their behavior "a disgusting perversion". Would a benevolent God impose upon His creatures an edict to go against their instincts? Why would God compare it to bestiality? Do they claim bestiality as innate too?

We must show homosexuals mercy. Usually they begin their perversion innocently. It could have been in a boys' school, where boys romp free in shower stalls, for example. It could have been a roommate's sideswipe. It could have been virtually any inadvertent behavior that builds on itself. Often these first encounters become quashed in due time. But the most common way is to be duped by an adult pervert. We must show mercy because it might be difficult to unlearn this sordid habit. Only the inveterate, brazen homosexual who upholds respect for this vulgarity should be regarded as evil, those who arrogantly wave their banner of deceitful "pride".

Homosexuality, if sanctioned, promotes child abuse. A homosexual will approach a boy under normal pretenses and then seek to satisfy his lust by tricking the boy to submit. Most children are thus duped their first time. Here, for example, is a case in point, where a gay mayor tried to lure his 5th child victim! Or, how's this for a headline, "At Least 11 Mayors Accused of Child Sex-Related Crimes Since 2016"?

The "liberal" homosexual mindset strives to destroy society's moral fabric. A recent example was New York city's "gay parade". This was a march of adults. But who did they stand in as "the grand marshal" of the parade? A 10-year old boy! The poor kid probably believed he achieved greatness thereby. The adult organizers not only did not care children bystanders would see this parade, they wanted other children to watch and "learn". What could be more loathsome than to see perverts openly dragging civilization into the sewer?

On the day these perverts have their "Gay Pride Parade", normal people also should go out on the streets with their families and make a parade of their own, an "Express Relief Parade" - to express their relief for being normal, happy families, which isn't something we ought to take for granted as long as perversion remains so blatant a stain on society.

One point deserves repetition. Homosexuality takes the sanctity out of marriage. The holy union between man and wife, that which God ordained for the sake of procreation and for the union of two "halves", they find irreverent. The irreverence generalizes across all their behaviors. They prefer a measure of anarchy to destabilize normal society, so you find many of them secretly inviting Islamic terrorism by advocating political correctness. You find many of them in the educational system encouraging false science and integrating this into children's and collegiate textbooks. For example, many subscribe to the global warming hoax and certainly they champion hollow "evolutionism" to deny God and creation. These restless souls often are preoccupied in all matters that negate sanctity of freedom, of worship, of property rights, or the sanctity of anything "endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights" that keep a society from disintegrating.


  1. When the Muslims force Sharia on the u s citizens, these perversions will be done away with. Just like they do in Iran. Modesty will be forced upon Americans via Sharia. This is all G-d's plan, to sensitize the immodest, before the full Geulah.

    the Ice Cream Caper

  2. Well written - society is in grave danger allowing gay marriage -- it is a curse on society.