Friday, November 06, 2015

5776 - In the Year of Hakhel

At the end of chapter 23, the Ba’al HaTanya in Igeret Hakodesh quotes Yirmiyah (33:16) and writes,

ובימינו - תושע יהודה וירושלם תשכון לבטח

This possuk refers to the Era of Ultimate Redemption by Moshiach soon to transform the world’s revelatory powers so God will be visibly evident to all.

This verse is interesting on two points, besides the Rebbe's imparted prayer that this phenomenon should happen now, in our days.

Firstly, the word “תושע” is the acronym of this 6th millennium’s Jewish year, 776. Also, the word “תשכון” has the same gematria as the former word. It’s as if “יהודה וירושלם” cozily nestle between these two words - which strongly suggests 5776 as the implicated year.

(As told to me by Chabad chassid, Reb Arye Prager.)

Just want to remind you what the Rebbe said in 1980 (here):
ובמוצאי שביעית בא משיח