Monday, August 15, 2016

The Hebrew Origin of "Syrup"

Just want to share an insight into the origin of the word SYRUP (as in Maple syrup). Obviously, it derives from this Hebrew origin -- from the word “שרף”!

How can I be sure? Simply by citing the Talmudic verse itself; It’s self explanatory:
"הצרי אינו אלא שרף הנוטף מעצי הקטף"
The balm[?] is simply the resin that exudes from the wood of the Balsam[?] tree.

If you seek the origin of the word 'syrup' in Gentile sources, such at Merriam-Webster or Online Etymology Dictionary, you’re led astray to many other languages, but never to Hebrew that outdates them all.

So here you see:
1) It oozes from a tree.
2) The word שרף also comprises the verb to burn. You can see it's made for burning, inasmuch as it comes from a tree, as logs are the quintessential form of fuel. So these resins were created as flammable, but with an added benefit too, to yield a wonderful aroma - thus the source of incense.

(As for the same word “שרף” that defines a rank or type of angel, this too has to do with “burning”, probably in reference to their appearance or in metaphor, but I know too little to comment here.

This word may also relate to "serpent" (at least the first half of the word) - for the serpent's bite delivers a burning sensation, unlike the scorpion's that is cold.

A previous post [here] speculated on this topic.)

Monday, August 01, 2016

Turkey Neutered - 5776

Adjust your lens and see in sharper focus the impending Geulah. Whereas Turkey once boldly could bully Israel, today things have shifted in favor of little Israel.

See what transpires now in Turkey after the so-called “coup attempt” (on י׳ תמוז). The killings and brutality among the populace has begun. Because a huge swath of humanity has suddenly become terrorized by a radical, oppressive Muslim element from within, grievances will abound. For the long term, children will learn to hate, fear and be vengeful of neighbors as they grow up, while adults will seethe against many injustices that abound from of a forced, undesirable cultural upheaval.

The perspective from Israel, however, is now pleasing. As a member of NATO, and having the second largest army therein, Turkey long held a prominent position of might. Turkey at one point was strongly opposed to Israel’s existence.

Here’s how one foreign policy newspaper described the situation following the Marmara flotilla’s attempt to break Israel’s Gaza siege:
“One of the most striking political consequences of Israel’s raid on the Gaza flotilla at the end of May has been the emergence of a seeming new strategic triangle in the region: an Iran-Turkey-Syria axis. While Iran and Syria are touted as implacable ‘enemies’ of Israel, it is precisely moderate Turkey’s tentative alignment with the two revisionist powers that has caused much anxiety in Western corridors of power.”
Turkey, with virulent Erdogan at the helm, could well have become a powerful enemy of Israel. But suddenly, this aggressive giant has been emasculated. Just as in Ancient Egypt the ruling class had been decimated by a strong element from within, represented by their “firstborns” (“למכה מצרים בבכוריהם”) [Psalms 136:10], just prior to the Jewish emancipation, so too today, Turkey, a "firstborn” among Muslim nations, is being punished by internecine, savage warfare - from within - just prior to the Geulah.

Just as God recently debilitated other Israel-haters, as when He instigated “Egyptians against Egyptians” to stultify Egypt’s threat against Israel, as when Syrians clash with Syrians, so too now God is eliminating Turkey’s threat - by imploding the country from internal strife.

As was prophesied:
 וסכסכתי מצרים במצרים, ונלחמו איש באחיו ואיש ברעהו, עיר בעיר, ממלכה בממלכה
“And I’ll incite Egyptians against Egyptians, and brother against brother will fight, man against friend, city against city, nation against nation.” (Isaiah 19:2)

Erdogan may now feel safer than before, but to be sure, the country - its citizenry - is destined for years of oppression. After all, so many people have been “purged” indiscriminately and unfairly. The bitterness will simmer for years because suddenly tens of thousands of jobs, careers and educational goals became impacted. Many more years of internal dissension seems evident. As a result, Turkey’s aggressive “foreign policy” against Israel will have to be shelved for now; For now, “Israel’s existence as a threat” has become less than compelling.

(A previous post, invoking the Ba'al Shem Tov as the source, spoke of the significance of Istanbul's fall: here.)