Monday, April 30, 2012

Talent from God

This young lad, who plays Billy Joel's "Piano Man", some psychiatrist labeled "autistic". Genius would have been much more appropriate a label.

Most psychiatrists, in my humble opinion, are psychotic and idiotic. They think they know "how the brain works". The only thing they DO know, is what pills to push on their idiosyncratic "diagnoses', the latter nothing short of utter nonsense. The more exotic the name, the better they feel about the "diagnosis" - like "SCHIZOPHRENIA" - now that's a doozie! All they end up doing is making many people who can be healed with good nutrition and detoxification into pill-taking Zombies.

This kid's "psychiatrist" couldn't fathom the kid's heights from so low a depth from which he observed the boy. The psyche-iatrist THOUGHT he was high enough above the boy to render a "diagnosis", as if the kid needed one in the first place. These are the same people who now want to push their new diagnoses about children's energetic behavior by giving such labels as ADH, etc. The kid probably immediately assessed the numbskull and ignored all the stupid questions that offended his sanity.

Truly wondrous! 6 years old and reading notes on the fly too.

Original link.
I'm not saying children cannot have brain problems. But psychiatrists they certainly do not need. Psychiatrists are "make-believe doctors of the brain". They know absolutely nothing about the brain, not any more than your average Joe on the street. The reason children develop brain symptomology may well have to do with doctor-induced poisons like mercury vaporizing from dental amalgam or because of mercury from vaccinations they receive. The psychiatrist, the glorified idiot doctor who goes around with pen and notepad to record the dreams of his subjects - belongs in a jail. Because after he makes his "diagnosis", he subjects his patients, often children, to a lifelong regimen of pill-popping, as well as stigmatizes his patients as being "psychotic" - for a lifetime. And to wean these patients thereafter off their toxic drugs, drugs that usually turn these poor people or kids into walking zombies, becomes near impossible. Psychiatrists are flagrant monsters in the guise of white-robed "doctors".

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jewish Demise from Unsuspecting Quarters

"In every generation," the Passover Hagadah tells us, "people rise to destroy us, and Hashem saves us from their plots".

Those who wish evil upon the Jewish people fall into one of two categories; Either they want to extinguish the Jew's spiritual bond to Hashem; Or they wish to destroy the physicality of Jewish presence.

The Greek king Antiochus tried to extinguish Jewish spirituality. He instituted harsh decrees to force Jews to forget their Torah and break their faith in Hashem.

Haman, on the other hand, chief viceroy to the Persian king Achashverosh, tried to exterminate the Jews scattered throughout the 127 countries of the empire by killing every Jewish man, woman and child.

In recent history we can point to two such notorious villains as well, Stalin and Hitler.

Stalin successfully destroyed millions of Jews - spiritually. He forced Jews to break with Torah and faith in Hashem, by destroying synagogues and yeshivas and banning religious observances. Hitler, on the other hand, in his attempt to engineer "the final solution", murdered some six million Jewish people throughout Europe, from infants to the elderly.

It's not known that Jews helped Haman, but it is known Jews helped Antiochus. It's not known that Jews helped Hitler, but it is known Jews helped Stalin.

Besides these two sorts of Jewish destruction, yet another form of destruction arose from the Jewish quarter, probably unwittingly, in recent Jewish history. These unsuspecting destroyers of Jewry comprise the secular leftists, the "reform" Jews (whatever brand their reform takes), or the ignoramuses. These three groups, in effect, also render nothing short of a Jewish holocaust. They first suffer a spiritual suicide, because they, their children and grandchildren abandon Torah observance and tradition, and then these assimilated offspring intermarry and drop out of the Jewish gene pool, which effectively translates into a passive, physical genocide. After all, Jewish men who marry Gentile women break their branch of genetic Jewish continuity. What Hitler or Stalin would have done to them, these do for Hitler and Stalin in abstentia!

This present generation's counterpart of Haman or Hitler is the Iranian regime, among others.

Apropos of the group of Gentile haters who seek to destroy Jews spiritually, a present menace looms large. This hostile bunch seeks the demise of Jews - on the sly. They are the Catholic missionaries funded by America's Southern Baptists who by stealth work to "convert" Jews. By stealth - like the pig who flaunts his split hooves to onlookers and says, "Look, I'm kosher!" (when, in fact, it lacks the internal physical sign for being kosher). Obviously the Jews they bait are the ignorant ones, those weak on Torah knowledge. They have well over 300 million dollars budgeted for this cause. You already find them peddling their piddling spirituality in every large city of Israel, under some "Messianic" rubric [A theme they steal from authentic Judaism]. In the U.S. they have succeeded in persuading some 300,000 Jews to regard their human idol as a god. They succeed because these baited Jews hunger spiritually and cannot find or cannot meet Jewish representatives to satisfy their hunger. One of several missionary agencies for this duping purpose is called "Jews for Jesus" (יש''ו).

In the end, of course, the outcome will be "... and Hashem saves us from their plots". But meanwhile, because all Jews constitute one family - one big collective body - if the left arm hurts, the right arm wants to help. The best way to fight these destroyers is to teach the truth of Torah to these Jews "roaming in the dark". Torah is the glue that binds Jews to Judaism. This blog, for example, might just serve one day to attract the hungry soul of one lone Jew in some far flung corner of this world who, upon learning the truth, returns to Hashem; And by saving that one soul - I will have saved an entire world.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

May Hashem Free Jonathan Pollard Now!

The gematria of
יהונתן בן מלכה
yields only one passuk
in the entire Torah -
in Parshat Noach (8:15)
that reads
וידבר אלהים אל נח לאמר
and the very next words are:
צא מן התבה

May this be God's will now,

The next two words are:
אתה ואשתך
... so he may reunite with his dear wife.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Format of Moshiach's Emergence

The Talmud (Shabbos 89a) describes the inner conflict of Jews who sinned with the Golden Calf. In their eagerness to find a replacement for Moses, the leader of their generation, an optical illusion they saw in the clouds above, a man on his death bed, finally convinced them Moses had died and could now be replaced. They had but a few more hours to wait for the completion of a full 40-day-hiatus, but their impatience tripped them up.

The essence of their sin was that they relied on their visual perception rather than abide by the words of the leader of the generation, who told them "At the end of 40 days I will arrive, before noon" (Rashi Ex.32:1).

This episode of the past, says the Arizal, bears significantly upon the future (Sha'ar Hagilgulim, Preface). He explains, that the last generation of exile, that which immediately precedes the Era of Redemption [ours!], will be a recycling of the first generation, the generation of Moses that sinned by the Golden Calf. (The souls of the former generation will be recycled into the bodies of the latter generation.) Why? In order to amend the sin of the Golden Calf, those Jewish souls will have to withstand the same test a second time, but this time succeed. In that which they failed the previous time they must pass the next time. Which means those souls of the first generation will receive the very same trial, for only a triumph over the very same trial can rectify the sin that discredited them in the first place. Only a passing of this trial can uproot and eliminate the sin they bore since (Maimonides; Rules of Repentance, Chpt 2, Law 1).

And just like they dropped from so high a level, as when they tangibly experienced the divinity of God during the event of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai, to so low a level as worshipping an idol, so too rectification by this same trial will reverse their low state and allow them to regain the high ground, in fact to be launched to an even higher level of experiential holiness than ever before, namely, into that of the Era of the Final and Ultimate Redemption.

What then is that same trial? They will perceive the death of the leader of their generation and the test will be to heed his words without letting their physical perceptions draw them to run afoul of his exhortations. The Rebbe told us we are the last generation of exile and the first generation of redemption (many scores of references, beginning with Bosi Legani, 1951). He expects us to believe this, despite what apparently seems as the disappearance of the leader of this generation, as if to signal the dawning of a new generation.

The same trial indeed manifests today. The Rebbe they say is dead and buried; That nature had taken its unwavering course and our perceptions, those of fleshy eyes, concur with this assessment. We saw the Rebbe shrivel with age, become ill and finally, after a hospital stay, interred at the Montefiore Cemetery.

Are we to believe the Rebbe's words now, when before he said, "Whereas for the leader of this generation - interment is inapplicable, any more than it is applicable to the Rock of the Shtiya [in Jerusalem's Temple in the Holy of Holies]" (Shoftim, Elul 7, 5752), or who said, "There is a reality of Moses, the first redeemer is the last redeemer - a soul in an eternal body." (Ha'Azinu, Shabbat Shuva 5750), (and many dozens more such pronouncements)?

And if the Rebbe said "A Rebbe's response is after all 'The words of God He spoke to me and His words are on my tongue' (quoting Shmuel the Prophet 2:23:2)", should we not listen to him, even if it conflicts with our senses?

Thankfully we have plenty of Torah sources to support us in this last period of our struggle. Rashi told us what to expect, "In the future, our Moshiach will conceal himself after he will have revealed himself, only to again reveal himself" (Daniel 12:12).

Said Rabbi Brachya, in the name of Rabbi Levi, "Just as what happened to the first redeemer will happen to the last redeemer - just as the first redeemer revealed himself to them and then goes and is concealed from them, so too the final redeemer reveals himself to them and goes on to conceal himself from them" (Midrash Rabba: Bamidbar 11:2, Ruth 5:6; Psikta Rabati 15; Psikta of Rav Kahana5:8).

"His sovereignty was temporarily placed in limbo, regarding the first redeemer, so too the last redeemer will be concealed, then return and be revealed." (Yalkut Shimoni Ruth 2:603).

"My beloved resembles a deer, just as a deer is spotted and then disappears, is spotted and then disappears, so too the first redeemer is seen, disappears, and then reappears ... Yehuda in the name of Rabi says to Kirsin, so too the last redeemer is revealed to them and, in turn, is concealed from them." (Midrash Rabba Shir Hashirim 2, 9:3)

Chassam Sofer (שמות ד‫'‬ה למה זה שלחתני): "And this was a great trial that he [Moses] disappeared for 6 months, and so will be in the days of Moshiach our Righteous, he will disappear after his revelation, as the Midrash tells us."

Sfas Emes (Rosh Hashana 11) writes, "It is rudimentary that the arrival of the son of David is separate from the redemption, for after all Moses arrived to Egypt before the redemption and could thus be revealed and be concealed, etc., similarly with the last redeemer, etc."

Rabbeinu Bechaye (Exodus 5:22): "And know that the issues of the first exile resemble issues we will face in the last exile ... and so the future redeemer will be revealed and, in turn, will be concealed, for this redemption will resemble the Egyptian redemption in many ways ... and once the threshold time nears, plenty of troubles will befall and wax - and this is the sign for Israel's salvation."

Midrash Pirkei Haychalot (Rabati 35:6): "At that time Jewry will change their minds; They will scoff Moshiach and say, 'Woe for us that we mistakened him for Moshiach'. God said to them, 'Now you will see his light ... and all who believed in him cannot be wiped from the book of life."

Ramban (ראה באור הרמב‫'‬ן על פרשת הנה ישכיל עבדי):
He says, initially Moshiach will reveal himself only to "that sect that yearns for him" [his chassidim, I suppose]. "And scripture relates concerning Moshiach, 'When many will put you to waste, etc.' that is to say when they lay you to waste - by mocking you in your first stage of arrival...."

The Holy Arizal (Sefer Gilgulim, preface, chpt 13) [NOT Sha'ar Hagilgulim]: "Moshiach will reveal himself and he will be recognized by few people, whereas others will not yet recognize him. Afterwards Moshiach will recede from view, as body and soul ... after which Moshiach will be revealed completely, then they will recognize him and all of Jewry will gather to him."

Joab 19:25: "And I knew my redeemer lives".

Midrash Raba, Shir Hashirim 2:25: "And he who believes him and follows him and awaits him - lives".

Psikta Rabati 35: "And your King Moshiach will come ... and God proclaims to the righteous of the generation and says to them 'Righteous of the world! Even though words of Torah endear you, it isn't nice of you that you waited for my Torah but did not wait for my kingdom."

See too here what Rabbi Nachman of Breslov had to say about this precursor era.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rescue of a Whale

The wonders of Hashem

I wish I could have been there to see this amazing drama, and especially the show of appreciation by this majestic, gentle animal.

(7 min.)

(You can see more marvelous wonders of Hashem by going down the Labels list at the right, towards the bottom, and click on "Wildlife".)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Jews Reject Christianity

Rabbi YY Jacobson delivers a great lecture, which clearly explains why Jews believe what they believe and why Christianity is rejected, including a brilliant revelation by Ba'al HaTurim who foresaw the wayward Christian offshoot phenomenon 1,300 years before it happened.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Free Will in Jew & Gentile - A Philosophical Stab at Quantification

Free will, or Free Choice, is the ability to act free of instinctual constraints. Before he commits himself to action, man can exercise this mental asset. In contrast, the dog lacks this intellectual component that can mediate for several behavioral options. If the dog's instinct is aroused to "go for it", it will. Man can restrain himself and hold himself in check.

The dog also can hold itself in check if such learned behavior brought pain, but avoidance behavior really is an instinct to recede from pain, not a cognitive foresight to weigh possible outcomes.

My question is: Does man's free behavioral choice factor differently in degree for Jew and Gentile? Given that both Jew and Gentile have both an animalistic inclination as well as a spiritual inclination to perform righteously, how then does the Gentile and Jew differ with regard to the "intellectual element" that mediates between these two inclinations?

Note my question bears NOT on the TYPES of behavior chosen, because it's well known a Jew's characteristic nature differs from the Gentile's in 4 ways: 1) He shows more mercy; 2) He feels ashamed if his sin is exposed (modesty); 3) He engages in more kindness to fellow men; and 4th, he has the capacity to behave selflessly, whereas even charitable behavior of a Gentile derives from a selfish motive (Tanya, chpt.1).

My question refers to the "space" allocated for granting free choice. That is, just how much mediation can be made available for the deliberation of free choice? Is there a quantitative difference between Jew and Gentile? Or, to put it more bluntly, who is closer to the dog's one-way mindset?

The question is, "How much SPACE is allocated for Free Choice activity?" How much "space" - irrespective of what actually was chosen or whether any deliberation even took place? Whether the person engages the intellectual element for decision-making, or not, are more POTENTIAL opportunities available to take advantage of, were it measurable, for the Jew or the Gentile?

I think this question touches on the essence of what the Jewish sages mean by the word "freedom", when they claim, "Torah makes you free!" (Pirkei Avot 6:2)

Chassidus often speaks about where "The Gentile has no free choice". I could be wrong but my impression is, it really means to say that RELATIVELY, relative to Jews, the Gentile has practically no free choice.

I think this issue must take into account the concept of commandments. God gave man commandments to follow. The minimum set of 7 commandments, known as the 7 Universal Laws, or 7 Noahide Laws, belongs to all people of the world. Upkeep of this minimum set of laws assuredly functions to make the world an ideal place to live in.

A commandment of God - by definition - means the person is given free choice to do it (and be rewarded) or not do it (and suffer the consequences). In other words, a commandment by God actually bestows upon the person the freedom to behave contrary to the commandment's direction as well. In effect, the commandment itself is PROVIDES the SPACE for freedom of choice to be executed.

Animals, like the dog, never received commandments to follow. For this reason animals lack the intellectual apparatus Free Choice depends on, the mechanism to behave contrary to a commandment. In this sense they are uni-directional. They possess no intellectual space for deliberating one way or the other.

The greater the contingent of commandments, therefore, the greater the SPACE that is created to accommodate these obligations. And vice versa, the less the load of divine duty, the less apparatus and room for deliberation that's provided.

(Note that for the small number of 7, however small it appears next to 613, which is the "Jewish load" of obligations, each law has innumerable ramifications. For example, although hitting someone is not prohibited expressly, for there is no Noahide law "Do not commit injury" as such, it does fall under the rubric of "Do not steal", for injuring someone, or even a minor infringement with no physical consequences, is similar to stealing from someone either in doctor's bills, or simply in lost time.)

The major thrust of this theory is this: Given that Jews have 613 ways to interact with nature to satisfy their commandments, or, more precisely, being that the Davidic dynasty hasn't yet been re-established, which means that approximately only 270 apply (Sefer Hachinuch, Preface), then 270 is the "space factor" of the Jew (today). Similarly, the Gentile's "space factor" is 7.

I contend that Gentiles have very little free choice compared to Jews because the degree of free choice is directly proportional to the number of divine commandments meant for the person to observe.

How does this difference manifest itself in day-to-day behavior? I'm not sure. I just know the Jew has more space in his repertoire, i.e., more freedom offered, because of his much greater load of commandments to keep.

My difficulty to express this advantage, of being subsumed under the canopy of 270 as opposed to one comprised of 7, suggests to me my theory may be faulty, and my thoughts on this issue remain unclear. Just where, however, I stand to be corrected, or taught more - hopefully by YOU.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Christian Zionism Debunked

The fact is, the closer we get to Moshiach, the more formidable opposition to him becomes. And because Moshiach relates both to Jews and Gentiles, in that the entire world will be taken to a higher level of experience, this opposition derives from both sides of the aisle. The Gentile opposition manifests as promoting the movement for the false Messiah, often under the guise of maintaining friendship with Israel, for this gives the movement a more legitimate appearance, but the final aim remains to push their false Messiah.

Usually the Jews who know least are most easily "baited and switched". This short clip serves to counter the notion that these Missionary groups serve for Jewish good interests.

Monday, April 02, 2012

How Obuma's Eligibility Got Covered Up

Listen how Obuma's eligibility was first concealed, back during the Democratic convention of 2008. This is a brave reporter and an especially brave lady. Because you'll see what consequences such knowledge can invite. Extremely significant information is divulged.

(Today's administration and mainstream media have no moral core. The Obuma regime, along with its captive media, schemes to turn America into a rubbish socialist country. It has become power crazy and will wield it mercilessly. May God break their back and restore serenity and sanity to America, and may He bring on the Era of Ultimate Redemption for the Jewish people - all this before November 2012, and MERCIFULLY!)

Much of her documentary can be viewed here.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

America's Regime Backstabs Israel

Lest anyone believes Obuma's regime has Israel's best interests at heart, hear here how it has Iran's interests at heart and Israel's interests in the sewer. Although most Americans support Israel, many, including the regime, are in bed with the devil.