Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Jews Reject Christianity

Rabbi YY Jacobson delivers a great lecture, which clearly explains why Jews believe what they believe and why Christianity is rejected, including a brilliant revelation by Ba'al HaTurim who foresaw the wayward Christian offshoot phenomenon 1,300 years before it happened.



  1. I'd appreciate if someone would report here in the comment section the brilliant revelation by Ba'al HaTurim of Torah that foresaw a phenomenon 1,300 years before it I cannot access the link. Thank you.

  2. Ben, can you be more specific about what's failing.

  3. Ben - in a nutshell. Thirteen Hundred Years Before Its Inception, Moses Cautioned his People about the Christian Faith


    Baal Haturim -- Rabbi Yacov ben Asher (Germany and Spain, c.1269- c.1343)Reah, 13:2“If there will arise among you a prophet” –
    The word בקרבך , “among you”, has the numerical value of 324, same as the words האשה זו , “this

    2. בעל הטורים
    ראה יג, ב:
    בקרבך—בגימטריא זו האשה 423.
    “If there will arise among you a prophet”--
    The words נביא בקרבך , “among you a prophet”,
    have the numerical value of 387, same as האשה זו
    ובנה “this woman and her son”.
    בקרבך נביא - בגימטריא זו האשה ובנה )483

    VANGUARD - something is haywire with Ben's computer as he is saying the hyperlink will not open for him.

    You might want to make a printscreen of the pdf curriculum of point 2. and point 3 which references the numerical value of 324 which the Baal Haturim is talking about.

  4. Not Only Judaism.

    Islam rejects Christianity too.

    Islam, Christianity, Judaism reject one to another :))

    But, they have the same God (ALLAH, JHVH, God of human, the creator of the universe)

  5. Atsuko:
    But the rejection is not for the same reasons!

    Besides that, don't compare Judaism to other religions, because they all are spurious and man-made, whereas Torah, G-d's gift to the Jews and mankind, is divine and immutable!