Monday, April 26, 2010

Wooing World Opinion
by Compromising Jewish Values

The picture shows Nazis having fun cutting the beard of an eldely Jew in Poland. The identity crisis here discussed is about the Jew who'd rather cut off his own beard to prevent Gentile hatred of him. What he fails to realize is - it won't help him!

It's hard not to wonder sometimes what is it that drives some Israelis to undermine the foundations of their own country. They do this when, at the same time, within the country and around it terrorist organizations threaten to kill their children, women and men. The healthy person's normal instinct would resist the wishes of one who wants to quash his soul. Yet here you have Jews who continually seek to shackle the security forces, even to the extent of treason.

A parallel characteristic of those who seek to uproot the security of the nation is - they also seek to undermine the Jewish character of the state. They'll fight for Arab rights to overtake entire communities in Jewish cities, but they'll holler and protest were a Jew to legally purchase a home in East Jerusalem. They also support the unfettered influx of Gentile aliens and workers into the country. You cannot help but ask, do they not realize where these policies are leading to.

Neither is understandable the inner pressure felt by Netanyahu to submit to a foreign government's dictates regarding the building freeze in Jerusalem. For what purpose had a Jewish country arisen if it cannot be independent and take care of its concerns? If they cannot build in their metropolis, then what else remains of the wish to be a free people?

Behind these destructive tendencies lies a psychological problem. The ideal nation these Jews dreamed of is letting them down. They wanted a nation that once and for always will resolve "the Jewish problem". They want Israel to be like all nations. They want its "Jewishness" removed as an issue in global events. They want to remove Israel from the world's focus; To live out of the limelight, and be as, for example, Ireland or Portugal. They want a quiet life.

But try what they will, this "Jewish issue" never seems to disappear. In fact, quite the contrary is true; Somehow the little Jewish country always seems to grab global headlines. Preoccupation with the Jewish state deviates from normal proportions. All around the world cruel wars are raging, but the world couldn't care less; But any event in Israel triggers hectic worldwide diplomatic activity. Rather than solving "the Jewish problem", Israeli statehood has amplified it many times over.

In truth, this actually need not surprise us. The Jewish nation is not a nation as other nations, and the thought that Jews can be as Gentiles bases itself on a faulty premise. As G-d said some 3,000 years ago, "If it dons on you that you'll be like other nations or nationalities - perish the thought!" (Yechezkel 20, 32).

True Jewish independence essentially means not to mimic other nations or peoples, but rather to become Jewish in the full sense of the word. The holy Land of Israel, "the King's palace", cannot be another London or New York. Jewish people must follow The Code of Jewish Law and demonstrate to the world how to live by Torah as it was first rendered at Sinai.

Those Jews who cannot accept this edict and suffer from a "different-from-Gentiles complex" lead their country (and themselves) to self-destruction. They feel that if Israel were "less Jewish", more "liberal" or "progressive", beautiful people in the world would love them more. This, of course, is not happening, just as the assimilation of German Jews on the eve of the holocaust did not prevent Jewish animosity.

Jews have one choice - to be proud Jews, to restore their frayed value system, to nurture a genuine Jewish spirit in the tradition of Torah heritage, and to rebuild towards a oneness and love of all Jews.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why Orthodox Judaism Makes No Sense

Why Does Judaism Make No Sense
by Tzvi Freeman:

Yesterday, my sister threw out some scrambled eggs. I asked her why. She said because she accidentally mixed them with a spatula that was used for milk and the frying pan was used for meat and that meant the eggs were no good. I asked her why. She said because that's the halacha. I asked her why. She said, "Because."

There are so many things like this in the Jewish religion. Don't play musical instruments on Shabbat. Why? Because you might come to fix one. So what? You're not allowed. Why? Because. Don't mix wool and linen. Why? Because.

Tell me, rabbi, is this a sensible religion?


No, it is not. And your first mistake is to believe that Jews do these things for any particular reason. Jews do these things because they are Jews. Keeping kosher is not a reasonable act and neither is Shabbat or the prohibition against mixing wool and linen. The same with Torah readings, bar and bat mitzvahs, black leather boxes or dipping in the mikvah. These are neither rational nor religious acts—in the modern understanding of "religious." They do not speak to the modern mind because they are not of modernity. They are ancient tribal rituals, preserved by a people obsessed with their history and their tribalism.

Read the rest here.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still Free to Roam the Internet

It is the grace of G-d that gave us the internet. This new medium provides the public genuine information they would otherwise remain completely ignorant of.

Before the internet, we had radio, television and newspapers from which to cull our news and information.

Eventually most of these media outlets became corrupted by their owners. They tried to paint a picture of their own liking, pushing an agenda to further their own political bias. Technology advanced to where they could alter, cut, paste, splice and peel the information any way they wished to portray it. They purposely tried to control the mindset of their captive, servile and mostly unwary audience. They continue do so today too.

Powerful, wealthy and malevolent interests seek to undermine the freedom of people, to turn the populace into useless, disposable robots. These media and political manipulators also control the universities, the pharmaceutical, medical and dental associations, the food chains, the Hollywood movie industry, marketing and advertising agencies, huge multinational firms and banks to serve as their tentacles in this power grab. America is quickly buckling under from the weight of these powermongers.

What can lay people do against this large monster who wants to relegate them to sub-human feudal peasants?

Not much, unless these small pawns get a whiff of what's headed smack in their direction. Here is where the internet opens up the eyes of people to see far and wide what had been for a long time covered from them.

Thankfully, because of a recent ruling against the FCC's attempt to grab control of the internet (under the guise of a "fairness doctrine" [link]), the internet remains free of their control for the time being. But already parts of the internet are falling prey to these conspirators. For example, the huge search engine Google is in bed with the Communist White House. They try and control the content of user searches by manipulating what shows up at the top of the result list. Even the choices that display while you type in your search terms - are similarly manipulated. The good news is there is so much information out there they simply cannot control it all.

It is by the grace of G-d that we have the internet as a new source of information, a new sunlit window to the events that surround us.

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Psychology of His Attitude

Arrogant to a Jewish leader; Obsequious to a Muslim one. To the former, he points his forefinger to the chest, gets close and upright, in the guy's face, with the other hand in the pocket. To the latter, knees bent, head moving to waistline level, no direct eye contact, his hands clutching the other's, perhaps groveling to kiss it.

See how cheerfully and utterly submissive he becomes to a communist leader. Muslims and communists turn this moron into the most humble of creatures. Here he bows to China's Hu.

People behind this guy are propping him up as the American president. This guy knows it and is beholding to them and their ilk. He definitely does not represent Americans for America, that's for sure. He knows a conspiracy is in the making to take America to its knees - and he's a happy stooge eager to accommodate.

Here he's pointing his finger again, at Canada's PM Harper. No smile either, just a nasty face. He hates democratic leadership.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The History of Slavery in America

Our educational system needs a revamp, to tell the truth about American history. Many liberals [= haters of America], having infiltrated the ranks of the educational hierarchy, have for too long polluted this truth. For example, New York high school textbooks of science contain nonsense kids are required to read and be tested on regarding the "global warming" hoax.

Anyhow, these 2 videos (about 13 min.) relate to slavery in America. This great American, Rev. Perryman, pulls no punches.