Friday, April 09, 2010

The Psychology of His Attitude

Arrogant to a Jewish leader; Obsequious to a Muslim one. To the former, he points his forefinger to the chest, gets close and upright, in the guy's face, with the other hand in the pocket. To the latter, knees bent, head moving to waistline level, no direct eye contact, his hands clutching the other's, perhaps groveling to kiss it.

See how cheerfully and utterly submissive he becomes to a communist leader. Muslims and communists turn this moron into the most humble of creatures. Here he bows to China's Hu.

People behind this guy are propping him up as the American president. This guy knows it and is beholding to them and their ilk. He definitely does not represent Americans for America, that's for sure. He knows a conspiracy is in the making to take America to its knees - and he's a happy stooge eager to accommodate.

Here he's pointing his finger again, at Canada's PM Harper. No smile either, just a nasty face. He hates democratic leadership.

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