Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still Free to Roam the Internet

It is the grace of G-d that gave us the internet. This new medium provides the public genuine information they would otherwise remain completely ignorant of.

Before the internet, we had radio, television and newspapers from which to cull our news and information.

Eventually most of these media outlets became corrupted by their owners. They tried to paint a picture of their own liking, pushing an agenda to further their own political bias. Technology advanced to where they could alter, cut, paste, splice and peel the information any way they wished to portray it. They purposely tried to control the mindset of their captive, servile and mostly unwary audience. They continue do so today too.

Powerful, wealthy and malevolent interests seek to undermine the freedom of people, to turn the populace into useless, disposable robots. These media and political manipulators also control the universities, the pharmaceutical, medical and dental associations, the food chains, the Hollywood movie industry, marketing and advertising agencies, huge multinational firms and banks to serve as their tentacles in this power grab. America is quickly buckling under from the weight of these powermongers.

What can lay people do against this large monster who wants to relegate them to sub-human feudal peasants?

Not much, unless these small pawns get a whiff of what's headed smack in their direction. Here is where the internet opens up the eyes of people to see far and wide what had been for a long time covered from them.

Thankfully, because of a recent ruling against the FCC's attempt to grab control of the internet (under the guise of a "fairness doctrine" [link]), the internet remains free of their control for the time being. But already parts of the internet are falling prey to these conspirators. For example, the huge search engine Google is in bed with the Communist White House. They try and control the content of user searches by manipulating what shows up at the top of the result list. Even the choices that display while you type in your search terms - are similarly manipulated. The good news is there is so much information out there they simply cannot control it all.

It is by the grace of G-d that we have the internet as a new source of information, a new sunlit window to the events that surround us.

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