Sunday, February 14, 2016

Further Signs of Redemption - Adar 5776

Adar is here. Purim’s in the offing. The spirit of a virtual turnabout (ונהפוך הוא) hangs in the air. Just as back then Jews went from being undesirables and suffering the dread of genocide to noble status and exhilirating triumph, we Jews sense an imminent bright light soon to poke through the dark clouds.

You don’t have to be as old as I to remember just how sinister Russia was to Jews and to Israel in years not too long ago. Russia was a main provider of arms to bolster the Syrian army and Assad’s provocations against the Jewish state.

At the same time, Israel could count on America to side with her, helping financially and militarily to stay ahead of Arab foes by keeping a superior technological edge.

Now too Russia was only too happy to comply when Assad asked for help to fight off the many rebel groups that formed since the Arab Spring.

Only this time what in effect is happening is that Syria is being turned into an utter wasteland. Russia is “helping” Assad by literally destroying all of Syria. Ever watch a drone film the streets of Homs, for example? The whole city is a wasteland. Maybe one in 200 homes stands unscathed; A total wipe-out.

Notice too how America, with its Shiite-loving administration, turned its back on Israel.

Not that that’s a bad thing because only those who would deny God’s Hand would have thought we really needed America. God, by placing this regime at the helm of the American ship, knowing just how virulent the captain’s hatred for Jews is, shows clearly now that, if anything, the USA needs Israel, and not the other way around.

A nice battle may also soon erupt between Russia and Turkey, another foe of the Jews, where the USA will simply watch from the sidelines as this NATO "member-ally" gets pounded.

The Ba’al Shem Tov says - that if, on Purim, you read the Megillah (or listen to it) regarding it as a story of the past, a historical tale with no contemporary significance, without sensing its message in our very days, without considering the Purim spirit infused in modern-day events, you are disqualified and must reread the Megilla!

The ancient Jews on Purim in a matter of days celebrated a real, decisive turnaround. Similarly too, no matter that anti-Semitism again simmers the world over, we Jews will triumph a come-from-behind victory, a complete turnaround that will manifest as the true and ultimate Geulah that awaits the Jewish people unfolds. Damascus shall fall as Jerusalem shall rise; Damascus will be a junkyard and Jerusalem will be the venue where Jews will gather to dance with Moshiach.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In the 66th year Moshiach will be Revealed

I don’t pretend to understand Zohar, but throw this out to those who may find this a tasty “condiment of wisdom” (“פרפראה לחכמה”). Think of it as “hors d’oevres” before the Redemption's meal.

The holy Zohar writes (119a; or in 478, depending on how the book is published):
“In the 66th year Moshiach will be revealed
in the land of the Galil ....”

Like I said, I’m not here to explain, but only to point out that the 66th year is significant relative to the Lubavitcher Rebbe because on the 11th of Shvat of this year the Rebbe entered the 66th year of his “reign” (as far as ‘Moshichists’ see it).

As far as I’m concerned, we’re up to our necks in signs of the Geulah (סימנים) and want the real thing already, but this gem is too valuable to keep private.

This gem was pointed out to me by a friend, Rabbi Yaakov Bock, who also points out that which the Rebbe said about the “Galil” (referring to the same Zohar):

Translation (a part of a conversation):
The Rav Mordechai Eliyahu shlita:
“'U’va l’Tziyon goel' (It says ‘And the Redeemer will come in Zion.')”

The Rebbe shlita (smiling):
“'U’va l’Tziyon goel' is said in future tense, but we need it said already in past tense, or at least a moment after this already occurred!”

“Our sages in Midrash say Moshiach (Eliyahu HaNavi) will first reveal himself in the Galil, specifically in Teveria, which is of “goodly appearance”, but no one will mind if Eliyahu HaNavi first appears in the Diaspora, even in Brooklyn, and the next day Moshiach will go to Teveria.”