Monday, November 28, 2016

The Gematria of Donald John Trump

After 2,000 years of Jewish exile, the world is in transformation, becoming what will be for its remnant Jewry a utopia - the "Era of the Complete and Irreversible Redemption". This process gets easier to detect with time. The Jewish People, and in turn the rest of the world, are now in Redemptive mode, advancing rapidly. (That's what this blog's about.)

Gematria findings some "redemption blogs" herald as significant are by their nature amateurish because they post these after the fact, and their results are speculative.

Mine that I present here also is groundless because who knows what to look for to decipher what or how an individual is "configured" somewhere in Torah (the blueprint of all of life). The find is at least charmful.

With Trump, sometimes they incorrectly use only part of his name, or their spelling is arbitrary. I suppose people feel enchanted with a mathematically divine sanction.

Gematrias are rarely used as tools of prophecy anyhow. Gematria is not meant for that. It's more like spices that draw you to Torah, rather than anything else.

Here’s a gematria I found, for what it’s worth. It seems fitting for the time we're in.

The gematria of the name Donald John, the son of Fredrick Christ Trump, written so:
דונאלד גון בן פרדריק קרייסט טראמפ
is 1519.

Two successive possukim in Tehillim (136:17-18) add up to that sum.
Here’s the finding:
You can test this for yourself* at!

למכה מלכים גדלים כי לעולם חסדו
ויהרג מלכים אדירים כי לעולם חסדו

For what it’s worth, it simply says: Great and mighty rulers shall fall -- by the grace of God. Is this perhaps the role our new president-elect is meant to accomplish; Is his mission to be a top general in these conflicts? And just who might these felled giants be? The War of Gog & Magog is, after all, presently raging (link).

As for the "by the grace of God" clause, twice said suggests emphasis, that too is well explained in the above link.
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Redemption Unfolding in 5777

Just before "Yishmael" rose to ultimate prominence, a day or two before he could get into highest office and start World War III, God sent a messenger to depose him.

In other words, the Muslims and their sinister ideology gained tremendous power, with their huge wealth now hard at work for a good 30 years. This power wound all the way up to becoming, in effect, the commander-in-chief of the United States Forces. Muslim countries "invested" in America's political, educational and judicial infrastructure to seed devastation and propaganda as the preamble and fertile soil for Islamization of the West. In effect they finally got what they wanted -- the Democratic establishment's leadership as their puppet. With money, they could be in remote control. If it's upheaval they wanted, upheaval they almost got. They had groomed Hillary as their surrogate.

Just then the Islamic juggernaut fell over the precipice!

For all it would have taken at this point was a win by Hillary Clinton. Clinton was the puppet remotely controlled for her greed and her disinterest in America’s welfare. To be sure she would toe the Muslim line, Hillary needed a chaperone. Hillary, in full cognizance of the game she was meant to play, in accordance with her greed for money and power, had the Saudi Arabian mole Huma Abedin as her right-hand advisor.

The Muslim Abedin grew up in the Clinton machine. But meanwhile another woman was growing up in the Trump family. She, it turns out, is Jewish. Thus, instead of some Muslim countries gaining choke-hold advantage, the Muslim gambit failed, and failed big -- with the election of Donald Trump.

A Jewish girl took the place of the Arab girl. Evil had almost arrived at its pinnacle. The country would have become 3rd-world. At the last moment Good vanquished the Evil.

By the way, it’s not for nothing God chose Trump for leadership of the USA. Like his father, who donated a significant sum (some 50 years ago) to allow a Jewish school to rise on new ground, Donald too contributed (in 2005 about) to help the Israelis who were kicked out of their homes and land, forced to resettle elsewhere. These Jewish families were tossed out their homes, lands and livelihoods, some after 3 generations, for the sake of their worst enemy, by a foolish government gesture of appeasement. (link - witness)(link - press)

Just as God told the first Jew, Abraham,  (Genesis 12:3) “and all those who bless you I will bless”, God blessed the Trump family too -- the dad with business success, and the son with that plus the presidency too.

Hillary needed war on a grand scale to keep herself socially afloat, without all her criminality bogging her down. This way she could run a war, sitting high at the helm of some “important” battle, and thus weather the criticism coming from internal policies. This is probably what Putin was thinking when he had to face an effeminate Obama who could get into a frenzy to call upon his dogs to attack, when he said the Democratic party leader (either Obama or Hillary) was likely to start a World War.

Soon is Purim. And real soon is Kislev. Kislev is a time for many miracles. Purim had Esther in the royal palace. This Purim we’ll have an “Esther” of our own. Haman the evil one was destroyed, and thankfully the evil Democrat party and the "establishment" too has been toppled.

By the way, Cheshvan too fits into this one big scheme of miracles transpiring to take Jews into their Torah-true Redemption era. We saw in Cheshvan that Trump’s daughter and son-in-law went to the grave site of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to ask for a brachah. This aspect of the world-in-transformation happened revealed the hidden hand of the one in charge of the fighting the wars for the sake of God and His Jewish People -- the Rebbe (link).

But all aspects of world events fit well in the scheme of the unfolding redemption. The Muslim must fall before the Jew can rise (Ba'al Haturim Genesis 25:18); Damascus must fall before Jerusalem is free of foreign entanglements (link); The Jewish people collectively swing to the right and swing to the belief in the One God and respect the Torah and Jewish tradition (over reformist attempts to dilute the belief); That Jews wherever they are can now practise their religion without governmental interference, without the Jew having to feel like a second-class citizen; That the whole world remains focused on that little plot of land called Israel in the Middle East; That good and evil are being blatantly touted for what they are and people eventually must take one side, the side the Jews are on, or the other; And that the USA will now take, when Trump enters office, the side of Israel (unlike the evil incumbent's).

The United States has a rosy future because it was founded on the belief in God and the freedom to practise your religion. (These traits would have disintegrated had the Democratic party won.) This is a charitable nation and a charitable people, and probably will remain that way until Moshiach.

The distinction between good and evil must be clearly identified so people can take sides and only then, with evil now separated out, can it be wiped away. Evil is being exposed for the whole world to see wherever it is.

For example, Castro just dropped dead. We now find out he demanded Israel withdraw from "the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem." He took the side that foists the false “Palestine” concept. The whole world will realize this ruthless dictator was on the (bad) Muslim side.

The world sees, now on a daily basis, just how brutally Arabs or Muslims behave. This is the War of Gog & Magog -- now ongoing! They watch while Muslims or of their ilk kill each other. Meanwhile, Jews are sitting pretty watching the spectacle without being actively involved, much like spectators (link). Instead of eating up the Jews, Arabs eat each other up.

The world sees too how Germany, Sweden and much of Europe now are in deep turmoil. Jewish blood had drenched European soil. The irony is that Germans now have Arabs as their bedfellows. Arabs, after all, had strongly supported the annihilative attempt of Germany against the Jewish people. Other European countries too now suffer for their "political correctness" they keep trying to impose upon the Jewish country. Like a boomerang effect. Now the world sees that just as God blesses those who bless the Jews, so too God curses the nations that demean the Jews (Genesis 12:3).

The world sees how fires rage across Israel, more than hundreds started, by Arabs living inside Israel. The world thus needs to realize that the internal Arab population is just as ominous as those surrounding the small country. Those empathetic to Israel will recognize Muslims could never have it so good under any other nation’s auspices -- and that the Arabs are ingrates. It is by the grace of God that gave us no deaths, God forbid, from this broad arson-terror attack.

Let's not forget we saw God’s grace getting back our Holy Land 70 years ago. Then with every single war Israel saw tremendous miracles. Israel today thrives, its desert blooms and everything in Israel is on the up and up. This despite the inferno that surrounds it every which way you look.

The biggest miracle, the true and final Era of Redemption for the Jewish People, the one now only seen by connecting the dots of this vast mosaic that lingers in the background, should soon be brought to the foreground for us to see in full glory with our own fleshy eyes, amen.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Hidden Hand of the Rebbe

It’s hard to see The Redemption unfolding unless you know where to connect the dots of innumerable scattered world-wide events. Yet for those imbued with the dream of Geulah as the Rebbe promulgated, his followers and chassidim, it’s rather easy to decipher.

The hand of the Lubavitcher Rebbe could easily spotted, when, on the Motzei Shabbos just days before the 2016 presidential election, Trump’s daughter and his son-in-law visited the Rebbe’s Ohel. They obviously went to ask for a brachah for her father’s victory.

This event may have passed under most people’s radar, or it drew undue short shrift, but a Lubavitcher recognizes his Rebbe’s imprint. This event broadcast to the Jewish people this rabbi’s influence, for one thing.

But more importantly, it broadcasts the continuing involvement of the Rebbe to finally bring us the divine revelations that will transform existentialism. The world is about to embark on a new, Messianic journey and the pieces are being put in place. Trump's victory is one such cog in the mechanism.

The daughter is not a Chabadnik, nor is her husband, so it must be they recognize the Rebbe’s exalted influence, even as he “rests in peace”, as many would deem it; Or, as those keyed in on Moshiach note (we "Moshichists"), he continues to fight “the wars of Hashem” for us, without even our, or Israel’s, involvement.

Fighting the wars of Hashem and winning, by the way, is the precursor phenomenon that qualifies as a step before Moshiach's revelation. For, as the Rambam asserts, it is only thereafter that Moshiach will build the Beit Hamikdash and ingather the Jewish exiled.

(Step one was getting most Jews cognizant of their being Jewish and recognizing the significance thereof. The Rebbe has seen to that quite well, what with many thousands of Beit Chabad emissaries, appointed or self-appointed, all working as soldiers of the Rebbe with self-sacrifice, disseminated world-wide. Never mind that Lubavitch heritage from all 7 Rebbes has bred an immense library of Chassidus and spawned thousands of volumes of current, moshichist Judaic studies.)

Step two -- “He will fight the wars of Hashem. If he does so and succeeds ... he's presumed to be Moshiach!”.

If he succeeds, steps 3 and 4 will then follow.

It's spelled out right here:
The Laws of Kings and Wars 11:8
ויכוף כל ישראל לילך בה ולחזק בדקה
ויילחם מלחמות ה' -- הרי זה בחזקת שהוא משיח
  אם עשה והצליח  וניצח כל האומות שסביביו
 ובנה מקדש במקומו  וקיבץ נדחי ישראל -- הרי זה משיח בוודאי

The war of Gog and Magog, now raging among the enemies of Israel, as they swallow each other up, as yet the Jewish people remain on the sidelines as spectators, had been foretold by the Rebbe. In 1980 he explained, based on our sages, that the Jewish people during this war of nations will remain immune during the ongoing internecine destruction! {LINK}

The Rebbe alone, the general and chief-of-staff, is alive and well, albeit invisibly handling the show; He leads the war and, as well, solely fights it for the Jewish people.

May he be revealed in the full glory that soon awaits the Jewish People, who will take the world to a higher transcendent view of God and His world, to experience how all that exists really is ONE.