Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ruminating in Elul 5775

From a Redemption-slanted mindset, one may well associate the recent surge in fame of prospective presidential candidate Donald Trump with what the Rebbe said often regarding the state of Jews before the Final Redemption. He said all Jews, now as Redemption unfolds, deserve to be filthy rich (my words), just as the Jewish nation, when it first became a nation in its deliverance from ancient Egypt, also - then - became filthy rich (in a matter of hours) at the start of their redemption.

Remember when the Jews still feared Egyptians were chasing at their heels, God wrought a further miracle and washed up to shore all the dead Egyptians to placate Jewish fears. With all Egyptian military dead before them, the Jews entered Ba’al Tzefon and emptied Egypt’s treasury, which then held all the world’s money which Joseph accumulated during the years of hunger, right there near the Reed Sea shore. By the time they completed their 3rd of 42 voyages, every Jew had a slew of donkeys carrying his own personal fortune.

The devil in office today is also a godsend, of course, without which good and evil could still be obfuscated, without which no two clear perspectives diverge and force people to choose sides, and without which secular Israelis could not be weaned off their misjudged reliance on America instead of reliance on God alone. It is under this devil’s guard that the delineation and clear choice is now given to everybody - to choose between good and evil - between Jews and Jew-haters, a decision plastered across the world’s media for all to see, for it bears upon everyone. Everyone will have to take a side.

So onward Mr. Trump, and may Jews break through all natural barriers to great wealth - as they truly deserve as per the Rebbe - if for no other reason that these Jews comprise the generation that debuts in the Era of Ultimate Redemption.

And just to keep this wealth issue represented by Trump now stay afloat, God makes sure the other side, that of evil, implodes, just as happened to the Soviet Union that evaporated overnight without one shot fired. This is probably why the Clinton wench remains adamant and doesn’t resign in the face of mounting scandals. We are reminded how God hardened the heart of Pharoah.

The forceps-industry horrors of Planned Parenthood are also there for all to see. They wrought a silent holocaust. Evil ensues when human sanctity is scorned. It’s there for all to see; how forceps separate wrist from arm, or intact brain from a sliced-open face... These people care nothing for their own life, let alone those of others. They live as a one-generation bunch of parasites, not caring for the development of further generations, because they have no good family ties ingrained to model after.

Trump, of course, is good for the Jews. An indication of this is simply that his daughter married the Jewish son of another real-estate tycoon, and converted herself. They live as orthodox Jews (maybe a bit on the “modern” side). So Trump cannot really be a Jew-hater, thank God, as his would-be predecessor exquisitely is.

Recently we see how quickly the course taken by B Hussein O can tailspin America into a Sodom. We see God’s Hand in reversing this abysmal target to one of renewed and strong hope. We note the good disproportionately advancing despite the growing horrors of evil as they become revealed before us, for the split must happen to separate out these two diverse and opposite trends.

The prophet Daniel spoke to these times of distillation of good from evil, and the Rebbe his whole lifetime has been trumpeting this imminent Era of Redemption whose threshold we’ve already passed.

Back some 70 years ago the world could not see the multi-millions of Jews and others that were enslaved, gassed, burned and murdered. Evil had curtains to hide behind. No more today. It's there for all to see. A clash of contrasts one must take sides with. For, to refine humanity, the unrefined remnant must be swept clean away. It's the scapegoat's turn to finally enjoy revenge.

Signs of Redemption abound around us. We just need stay focused to keep seeing God’s Hand shape our sweet future, with Beit Hamikdash and utter joy in Jerusalem.