Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Twilight Before Redemption

Like it or not, Islam is on the rise - radical Islam, of course, because they always predominate. It is now well embedded in the U.S. too, and soon enough that fact will become obvious, as obvious as it is to the Europeans. The fact that after 9/11 we see greater - not less - Muslim penetration, so much so the White House itself shills for the Islamic blueprint, like officially turning NASA into an agency for outreach to Moslem countries, ought to be enough of an indication.

Israel too, after its people have come out scorched from a European inferno, cannot right itself in the eyes of the nations. And as you know, we had leftists run our Jewish nation for most if not all this time, literally bending over backwards to appease the nations and pacify the enemy. And what did it help? What could easily be the best little country in the world to live in, for Jews, is, relatively speaking, still a disaster, where a wrong turn at some traffic signal, if you can't read Arabic, might bring you straight into the throes of hateful rock-throwers eyeing to smash your car and kill you. And the police of Israel, with their tail between their feet, will perhaps write up a report. Where parts of the country must still remain Jew-free. Where, if you happen to live on land where a former administration told you to go live, a current administration may well drag you out of and hand your property over to the enemy. Where many kids growing up know more about Madonna than they do about Queen Esther.

And what about Israel's immediate neighbors. Syria gets help from a wealthy Iran and sinister Russia, who's parked some battleships along Syria's shores. Belligerent Iran is near nuclear-capable. Egypt looks to go berserk radical. Jordan is raising its snout because it thinks America is abandoning Israel (they are right!). Saudi Arabia is still pumping oil and God keeps their spigots wide open. Lebanon and Gaza are hotbeds of hate and lethal threat. Turkey is itching for action. The noose around Israel's neck appears to be tightening again.

Will it get better? For Jews the future picture looks black. The world could care less. Even in the U.S., where Jews flourished for many years, the Islamic serpent is shedding its old skin, soon to rear his ugly head, while the inidigenous Esau-hater of Jews will add fuel to the fire. In Israel, the left, with their money coffers always being filled, and the crooked elements that pander to the enemy, still have their hands on the helm.

All in all, the prospects certainly look awfully bleak for the Jew, wherever he may be. Unless, of course you believe God runs the world and is pushing Jews, nay, nudging them more and more to consider Him, consider His Torah, consider His commandments and consider Jewish pride - because, as is becoming palpable, the future of Moshiach is all but upon us. We stand literally inside of the threshold of the Era of Ultimate Redemption!

When it finally comes down to it and God separates the evil from the cauldron of world events, how many righteous Gentiles do you think will remain steadfast friends of the Jewish people? We'll be able to count them on one hand.

As for my own take on the many menacing countries surrounding Israel, it seems a lot worse than it really is; As bad as it looks for the tiny Jewish country, the Arabs will be kept to just barking, but God will make sure they cannot bite.

"And a redeemer is coming to Zion, and to those who return from iniquity, says God." (Is. 59:20). And, as Rashi often teaches us in Torah, "says God" expresses God's oath to the Jewish people.

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