Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Arabs (And a Jew) Attack Jerusalem Boys

Surely you've all seen the recent incident (link) where two young chassidic boys, walking in Jerusalem on a snowy day, were hounded, disgraced and pelted by a large group of hateful, Arab slackers. The boys did not fight back. They managed finally to walk away from the fiends.

I personally felt I would have turned around with my fists swinging and smashed into them with such ferocity they would have been stunned. But these young boys looked rather meek. Did their meekness disturb me? Not at all. They were quite young and tender, to be sure. They may have assessed the situation in ways I could never, me sitting comfortably in an armchair watching a clip in tunnel vision. Neither did I have slippery snow beneath me.

Here are 3 remarks about the incident. The reason I post it here is - because if I could get my hands on Commenter 2, I'd just as violently punch HIM out for the way he referred to these 2 boys - our fellow Jews. There are Jews that think they can find grace in the eyes of the world if only all Jews can behave more assimilatively, like him. I cannot stomach such Jews who have no pride in their own Jewishness, let alone denouncing those who do.

I cannot help but love Commenter 3.

Commenter 1.
Please take just a few minutes to watch this alarming video. Many of us have been to this very spot in Jerusalem. It is just outside the Damascus Gate to the Old City. It is a common area for tourists. It is also the typical entrance for American students to enter the Old City from Hebrew University on Mt. Scopus, and also the common entry for Chassidic Jews coming from the Mea Sherim neighborhood. The Jews who were attacked there by the Arab mob were likely coming back from prayers ON SHABBAT at the Western Wall.
Yours, TM

Commenter 2.
I disagree, T. First, the saccharine music is way too much. Second, the dumb fucks in black were absolute wimps. Unlike Jews in the Shoah who would have been tortured and shot if they fought back, that's not the case here. Plus these boychiks were not retarded, or mentally ill, or in a wheelchair. As far as I'm concerned, they get no sympathy from me. As far as the Arabs go, of course they're predators, we all know that, but they didn't have guns  and if one of the black hats ran amuck the arab shits would have dispersed.


Commenter 3.
DS - In disagreement with PB's verbal attack on adherent Jews.

They may not have fought back in the physical realm, but the adherent Jews in this video will be the reason why there are Jews in the future.

For that reason alone, PB's attitude may be selfish, inappropriate and misaligned.

He disagrees with the music, but hasn't served up an alternative, a better or different one...

That he claims they are dumb, might be a testimony to his own naiveté. I'm thinking they may understand they are not able to defend themselves, that they may not have sufficient training to physically defend themselves and their choice to be moving forward seems to have eventually earned themselves their safety...

In PB's bloodline, I'll bet Judaism will be over within a few generations, if he himself hasn't ended it already.

It's also not impossible, because of their choice to be living in an area that has this many who hate Jews, they are actually more brave than the P's of the world by literally preventing the complete (additional) occupation of a Jerusalem neighborhood by our enemy. For that too, the P's of the world may need a dope slap.

P's possible lack of understanding of these basic principles and failure to identify the Orange plated (license plate) vehicle driver making no effort to help, or any other possible adult drivers coming to their aid, is perhaps a misdirection of his disgust of biblical portions... (In Israel and generally but not always, an orange plate is a Jew or Israeli and a white plate is a Muslim. Muslim cab drivers fought and won (from liberalist Gov officials), to get orange plates for their cabs, so this security measure has a breach...)

Those like PB and myself might fight to the death defending ourselves from this sort of reality, albeit to allow the righteous to continue, for Torah and Mitzvot... Therefore our defensive postures may be the appropriate rank and file to defend these folks. We each play critical roles. Until we all understand this we may have failed in our occupation of our bag of bones and our spirit presence here on Earth, for now...

I'll remind P that in his accusatory finger- pointing, 3 of his fingers point appropriately back on himself. Therefore my recommendation would be for PB to fully understand Torah and Mitzvot before attempting to be a conduit to the more complex Kabbalah, like you'd have to know Math to then teach calculus...

Certainly these two victims don't earn the label he has assigned to them by using a derogatory word as an adjective.

We are in a war. The war is against us. It is primarily fought in the realm of the media and supported by acts of violence, as they see fit. Allowing this sort of self hate to spew from one Jew to another and go
unanswered is taking a bullet and not firing back. In essence giving aid and comfort to our enemies...

Until we realize this - they have us.

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