Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chabad Pushes Jews Away from Judaism?

It never failed; Every time the Rebbe initiated a new campaign to reach out to Jews, to return them to the warm fold of Yiddishkeit, his agenda provoked deafening outcries from some Jewish circles. For example, when the Rebbe sent chassidim to put tefillin on yet-unreligious Jews, often in city streets among Gentiles, the backlash from Satmar was especially fierce. How could the Rebbe send young men to places where exposure to immodesty might defile the youngsters? The Rebbe, of course, had no such concerns. (See "Rescuing a Jew from the Dumps")

But, true to pattern, the end-result always turned out that the opposition melted away and, in fact, the campaign was eventually adopted by most of Jewry as second-nature. The Rebbe never went antagonistic. He just continued to project light and the light itself dissipated the darkness.

Nothing has changed. The latest campaign is the campaign to have Jews accept the kingship of the Rebbe as King Moshiach. Understandably, because this is the final and ultimate campaign, it encounters the greatest resistance and the loudest defiance - from less than sacred concerns. But the Rebbe's soldiers will not flinch from their mission. They continue to sign people up to accept the Rebbe as Moshiach and to educate Jews and Noahides.

My own blog has met such spirited opposition. More than once my blog has been removed from another bloggers list of blogs when they discovered its Messianic message. They would have no part in channeling traffic to where - as they would claim - "it turns Jews away from Judaism!"

Are my detractors really concerned I chase away Jews from Judaism? Of course not. It's a feeble excuse. Their real aim is - to push Jews away from Chabad's core belief! Chabad stands for the Rebbe as Moshiach and this for them is the bone in their throat. These "good souls" seek to distance Jews from the Rebbe.

But, like all who went against the Rebbe, in the end they succumb to his lead. Not because the Rebbe's reasoning overpower them, for they do NOT learn or read anything the Rebbe wrote. Rather, the Rebbe's light eventually strips away the darkness, so they could see for themselves.

The only thing that can turn a Jew away from Chabad/Moshichism is a Chabad Jew that talks during prayers or behaves differently from what's expected of a person who studies Chassidus. As for talk of Moshiach, with sound backing from what the Rebbe himself said or from other Torah sources - all Jews thirst for this knowledge!


  1. Come on! The real point is: the Rebbe did not launch the campaign but to raise the idea of Mashiach is coming, not to put a name on who would be Mashiach. Moreover, we know for sure that naming the Rebbe as Mashiach is pushing away Jews from chabad and from the really idea of Mashiach. Hence it's against the Rebbe's will... Even in the " Beis Rabenu she beBavel" sicha, the Rebbe doesnt throw away things that are not "miskabel al hadaat", I mean that anyone can understand what he wants to. You're missing the main goal and betraying the Rebbe's legacy...

  2. Alex, you make no sense. You shoot from the hip. You also see yourself in the mirror when you see me "betraying the Rebbe". You are a coward Chabadnik, with nothing to support your argument but juvenile anxiety.