Monday, February 11, 2013

Miracles for Israel

In this Jeep terrorists tried for 2 days to kidnap
Jews in the Tel-Aviv area. By the grace of God
they failed and were captured. 
Do Jews believe in miracles? There is no need to "BELIEVE" in miracles if we SEE them occurring in our lives!

We need not go too far back to count several of them. In the "6-day War", by the grace of God, Israel managed to destroy 3 Arab armies, those of Egypt, Syria and Jordan.

When it comes to teaching children, the Chabad method is to teach them of two sorts of events, those that run by natural means and those that happen supernaturally. After all, in the Messianic era, events of the world will transpire in miraculous ways above the laws of nature.

In 1991, during the Persian Gulf war, we saw supernatural events. Israel was attacked with scores of huge missiles, each tipped with a war-head carrying hundreds of kilos of explosives, many of which struck buildings directly, which then collapsed, leaving, by the grace of God, practically no human damage.

Then came the lifting of the mighty Soviet Union's "iron curtain" overnight , without a bullet fired. Millions of Jews were suddenly released from captivity.

Then came the historic meeting between President Bush and the Soviet Union's Yeltsin, who signed a treaty to withdraw on the arms buildup, effectively turning "swords into plowshares". The Rebbe said this was indeed an action Moshiach was responsible for.

Then came the "Arab Spring". That string of changes across the vast expanse of the Muslim landscape is only in its initial phases. There's lots more to come - as Israel remains a spectator watching Arab countries implode or destroy the other.

It says about miracles - he to whom the miracles occur cannot discern them. Which is why the Rebbe exhorted us "open your eyes!", especially in Israel where the eyes of Hashem watch it from beginning of year to the end of the year (Deut. 11:12)
  ארץ אשר ... תמיד עיני יהוה אלהיך בה מרשית השנה ועד אחרית שנה

Wishing all of you a really great month of Adar!!

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