Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Do Not Steal" Examples in Torah

Picking Flowers:  In Genesis (30, 14) it reads, "And Reuven, during harvest time, went and found flowers in the field, and brought them to his mother Leah...." 

Why does the Torah bother to tell us this happened during "harvest time"? Who cares what season it fell in? Rashi explains, "To praise the tribes; For Reuven could have, at this time, returned with wheat or barley [it being harvest time]; Instead he looked for something free for the taking."

Muzzling Camels:  In Genesis (24, 10) it reads, "And the slave took 10 camels, from his master's camels, and he went...."

Why does the Torah bother to tell us whose camels they were - when their owner's identity is obvious? Rashi explains, "To tell you that Abraham's camels were immediately identifiable during travel because his camels [and only his] always wore muzzles - to keep the camels from grazing in others' properties."

Somebody know of another one?

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