Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Brush with Death - A Rebbe Story

One month ago, Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky, the Chabad emissary in Great Neck, NY, suffered due to a previous, severe heart-attack. He was rushed to the hospital. Upon arrival he was already comatose. The doctors felt no point in attempts at revival.

One of the doctors, however, being a close friend of the family, insisted they make attempts to revive him.

After 15 minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, his pulse suddenly returned. The doctors, nevertheless, remained pessimistic, giving him little chance of recovery. If after 72 hours his heart continued beating, he'd stand a chance to live.

Seventy-two hours after he went comatose, his consciousness returned. His condition improved daily thereafter and soon he was up, alert, healthy - and left the hospital.

A few days later he called together his family and asked them to sing a chassidic melody because he wants to tell them something important. When they were done, he related this story:

"While in the throes of death, my soul ascended to heaven where Angel Michael greeted me. I merited to see all tzaddikim, starting from Moses, who was teaching children, until the Ba'al Shem Tov and the Admor Hazaken [1st Lubavitcher Rebbe]. The angel told me I needed to enter the heavenly courtroom for a determination on my final status, whether I remain in heaven or return to earth.

"When the heavenly court convened, the question of judging where I be arose and they asked my opinion. I answered I was a chassid of the Rebbe and, accordingly, I want to do as the Rebbe wants of me. Immediately they summoned the Rebbe. When he entered, all stood up in his honor and afforded him indescribable honor. They asked the Rebbe where I ought to be. The Rebbe answered, 'Because I am actively working to precipitate the Redemption, and he, after all, is a soldier of mine, I need him in the world to continue his work.'"

Immediately thereafter the emissary opened his eyes and regained consciousness.

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