Sunday, November 04, 2012

Resuscitating a Dying Counter-Culture

To elevate the world to a Messianic sublimity requires an intimate recognition of God. During Jewish exile, this wasn't within human reach. Very few in any generation managed to be 100% righteous to achieve this magnificent level of consciousness. That 1st phase of Jewish exile lasted nearly 2,000 years. Recently things changed; A final, pre-Messianic phase went into effect.

Every Jew can now attain the level of complete righteousness. Why? Because contemporary man's spiritual mechanics has changed. Man now has built-in what it takes to do God's bidding to the utmost degree.

Man stems from the lowest of elements, as it says (Gen. 2:7), God created man from "dust of the earth". Man also retains that which is the highest of all, for God then "puffed into his nostrils a soul of life"- and a puff comes from the blower's deep interior.

Although Man always possessed a Godly element, only recently that divine inclination got permission to take full control, whereas in times before the evil inclination easily could restrain divine yearnings.

In the former phase, a person could walk through life feeling fully independent; After all, God created man "in His image", which means man could impersonate the Creator, the sole really independent thing. But now, in the current period, the Jew can much more easily sense his integral divine component. He can feel his bond with God. Observance of God's commands can now become "second-nature" to him.

In the earlier phase, man felt he was here on Earth and God was up in Heaven. Now, so close to the sublime Era of Redemption, we can recognize all that is here - and everywhere  else, is - nothing but God! Instead of praying TO God, we we can now CONNECT WITH God. We no longer need serve God as slaves. We can serve God as we'd serve our loved ones - NOT to gain a prize. In fact, taking a prize for our service would wedge a disconnect with the one we love.

After all, the true beginnings of the Jew predates the world's creation! That is, Jews, so to speak, entered God's mind even before creation entered His mind! Jews, so to speak, are  part of God - and this level of revelation we can and will attain. (That the thought of Jews preceded the thought of creation is Rashi's Chassidic intimation as he explains the first word of Torah, ב‫-‬ראשית; "For two things called ראשית the world was created - for Jews and for Torah"; And Jews preceded Torah in thought!)

This is God's intent when He says, "Make me a sanctuary, and I will dwell in them" (Ex. 25:8). Note, it does not say, "in it". God dwells in every Jew and this revelation can now, in the present period, become evident. Every Jew can now serve as a full-fledged sanctuary for God to dwell in. This recent new power has been gifted to us at birth. All that is required is that we listen to our inner sacred call. If we open our mind's eye - we'll see our bond with God.

How do we best actualize this potential? Says the Rebbe - BY LEARNING ABOUT MOSHIACH and REDEMPTION! We will then understand the secret of the serpent.

The only requirement for Redemption is every Jew's participation in this private emancipation.

For over 33 centuries, Jews had to interact with the world-at-large to extract "sparks of holiness" that were enmeshed inside the material world. Scattered throughout the world, Jews cultivated the world for redemption. This long preparatory period came to an end, the Rebbe proclaimed, in 1998 (ספר השיחות, ה’תשמ”ח ח"ב, עמ' 573). All "sparks of holiness" were finally extracted!

A short phase of work now remains, however. (Otherwise we'd already be living the utopia.) This last, brief period is a test period. Jews must accept the supernatural notion of Moshiach, recognize who he is, ignore preoccupation with "important" events in Nature, lay aside all "smarts" and "logical calculations" that counter Torah truth, and, simply - accept Moshiach.

Engrossment in politics, or the like, defeats the purpose of this final phase of Torah and Mitzvot. More than irrelevant, they undermine. For example: Becoming engrossed in what the Iranian madman has up his sleeve. Our concern of this freak's threat IS what gives him the power to exist. We could shut him down tomorrow by ignoring him. More than a potential distraction, he's a potential drain! Why? Because he can siphon off more Jewish lifeblood for his own existence. How? By taking up "space" in a Jewish mind! This is what fuels him and his ilk - though they'd never know it. But that is how God works - says the Rebbe. Jewish thought is today's fuel of life!

Jews can surrender their own powers, which then goes to the "other side" - by reading, listening, watching and discussing those matters. If sacred channels go unused, profane channels usurp the forfeited power for themselves. Jewish gas can unwittingly fill the functional gas-tanks of anti-Jewish forces. Were Jews to use their gas for their own tanks, the opposition would wither away and die. The "klipah" reservoirs can thus be drained and nullified.

We've entered a strange time of Jewish history; A test period wherein anti-Jewish function requires OUR gas, OUR empowerment, TO EXIST AND FUNCTION. We have left behind the period called "עבודת הבירורים" and now all that remains to nullify the opposition is to "לקבל פני משיח". We must preoccupy ourselves with Moshiach to accelerate THAT phenomenon.

Once we integrate Moshiach and Redemption, God will reward our efforts in miraculous ways that will make the miracles that accompanied the Jews back when they were redeemed from Egypt pale in comparison.

It's not coincidental Barraq Hussien Obama's presidency raised coinage of the words "messiah" and "the anointed one". That unholy source is the counterpoint we can vanquish in favor of the real Moshiach.

Instead of resuscitating a dying counter-culture, help bring Moshiach NOW!

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