Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taking it to Our Enemy

We all "fly" to Tanach sources to find how events today have been prophesied in our holy books of prophecy. Have you seen the Rashi of this verse in Isaiah (11:14)?

ועפו בקתף פלשתים ימה, יחדו יבזו את בני קדם

They will fly together, against Plishtim on the West, together they will then loot those of the East

Says Rashi, "The Jews will fly and run together [aerial and ground forces?] against the Plishtim ["Palestinians"?] who are in the West of Israel [where Gaza is] and they will conquer their land [reclaim our land] ... as Targum Yonatan renders, 'They will join together to wipe out the Plishtim of the West.'"

Radak and Metsudas Dovid, on "They will fly" - Move swiftly.

Perhaps it speaks to our times for we have recently crossed the threshold into the Era of Redemption, and, as per the Malbim, such is the time Isaiah speaks of.

Isaiah (11:10): "And it will be on that day when the ancestor of Yishai will stand ...."
Says the Malbim: "At the start of Moshiach's revelation, countries will seek to close ranks against Israel in the war of Gog and Magog...."

But here I interject to say that the Rebbe said that no holocaust will again be hoisted upon the Jews.

Wishing you all a splendid Kislev!

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