Friday, November 09, 2012

Our Caring Government's Free Giveaway

Why does government fluoridate drinking water? Because fluoride is good for you, they say. Oh yeah, then why not dump vitamins, which are also good for you, into drinking water? No, that you have to buy if you want them. Well then, why not have people buy fluoride if they want it? Why force it on them?

Because fluoride is a poison, that's why. Wherever they deliver fluoride, to laboratories, for example, it comes in protective containers with glaring warning labels that scream, "Poison!".

Even if fluoride were given away for free, nobody would want to get near it. Fluoride is not a manufacturer's product but rather a highly toxic waste product that the manufacturer must get rid of lest it contaminate the soil or air. This is the real reason government puts fluoride into the country's drinking water. They can thereby get rid of this poison and because it is thereby diluted quite a lot, the people won't be acutely affected.

Which is why, already from back when they discovered the need to get rid of this poison, while doing research for the atomic bomb, then a necessary weapon under development, government fronted for the manufacturer and "sold it" to the public as a "good deed", as a "good free therapy", because they said, "it's great for fighting cavities" (yeah, right!), and, of course, got the ADA, yet another branch of this conspiracy, to confirm the "fights cavities" lie.

At the same time, if people get too wise, fluoride helps to dumb people down a bit, or gets sicknesses to sneak up on them and thus people become preoccupied with their own health concerns.

The medical drug-pushing mafia would definitely support this cause too, because for them too this stuff is good for business, keeping doctors pushing pills and hospitals full with occupied beds.

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