Monday, November 12, 2012

The King Without His Nation

We spoke of a momentous mission the Rebbe assigned to all his emissaries, charging them to adopt an entirely new perspective. And were any emissary amiss of this objective, he would forfeit his commission. These were Chabad's new marching orders - in order to bring Moshiach! That happened Nov. 2, 1991.
(See "Chabad's New Marching Orders")

The Rebbe alluded to this mission one week earlier (Oct. 26, 1991).

ש''פ וירא  ח''י מר-חשון
"... Moreover, now we get to the main point:

"Besides what we spoke of that every Jew carries a spark of Moshiach, know that Moshiach's actual presence is currently a factual reality!

"As you know, every generation has its potential Moshiach, one who befits being the redeemer of Jewry, and were the time right then God would appear to him, and dispatch him, etc., and had it not been for impeding issues that prevent or delay etc., he would have revealed himself and actually arrived!

"But since the announcement of the Previous Rebbe, the Moshiach in our generation ... all that which could prevent and delay has been eliminated, and therefore ... you also have the revelation of Moshiach, and all that's left for you to do is actually accept him!"

The Rebbe tells us plainly that Hashem has, in fact, appeared to him and crowned him for the job. What's more, says he, Moshiach is right in front of our eyes!

By the way, for those who claim the Rebbe discouraged people to refer to him as Moshaich in the past, which he did, that was not the case in the "latter" years. The contrary was true! Presumably because since then, as the Rebbe here indicated, Hashem had promoted the Rebbe to the rank of Moshiach. (By the way too, those who feel the Rebbe always discouraged being referred to as Moshiach either know little of the many times he encouraged it, and, more importantly, will not be able to explain or understand the multitude of times the Rebbe strongly suggested he was Moshiach.)

Exactly one week later, after the above spoken words, (see above link for an elaboration on the subject), the Rebbe went to the heart of this matter and told us what must be done for Moshiach to officially reveal himself: "... the only mission that remains is to actually accept the countenance of Moshiach - which will effectually enable Moshiach to proceed and redeem all Jews from exile!"

Now we know the task at hand. Armed with this information, even those outside of Chabad can now easily identify and sense the resistance to this mission - to the Rebbe's new marching orders

For there remain members of Chabad who will espouse mysticism if pinned down to explain these words, or the Rebbe's words spoken the following week at the grand convention. But this mystic aura they cast upon these simple words is nothing but an attempt to forestall committing themselves to recognize their commander-in-chief as King Moshiach. My impression of these Chabad "stragglers" is they fear the backlash of reaction from other Jews and cannot stand up to the criticism unabashedly. I wish them strength, the strength the Rebbe himself can infuse them with if only they took it to drive them.

There need be no more speculation as to what prevents Moshiach from officially taking office. The matter is crystal-clear. Jews must accept the Rebbe for who he is - King Moshiach, and, as he said, only that acceptance, to the exclusion of anything else, will effectually enable Moshiach to proceed and redeem all Jews from exile!

Why so? Because Jews must nominate their king to enable the king to do his job. He cannot force himself upon them. As the Rebbe often said, "there can be no king without a people" who want him. In other words, it is incumbent upon Jewry to appoint the king for the king to be able to do his job.

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