Sunday, November 18, 2012

The "Light Festival" Team

The Chabad "Light Festival" team erected its own tent among those of 1,500 participants who attended the "Spritual Festival" that took place two weekends ago in Metzoke Dragot, Israel, which overlooks the Dead Sea.

On Friday they arrived, set up their two tents, handed out literature, donned tefillin on men and distributed Shabbat candles to women - all before evening. They worked throughout the weekend, continually accommodating participants with Chassidut lectures, Shabbat meals, small get-togethers, prayers and Torah readings.

"What's surprising is," says Rabbi Michael Kedlborg, "that many of the Israelis actually observe Shabbat and mitzvot." This energetic young man organizes the Light Festival participation in all of Israel's so-called Festivals. I get his emails. He also wrote, "the thirst among Israelis is great for a return to authentic Jewish tradition."

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