Monday, November 19, 2012

Israel's Political Carousel

The escalation of Hamas terror from the South, more than it actually creates a greater worry, spotlights the pathetic failure of the Israeli adminstration, especially those in the upper echelon, as we witness their meek policy that never terminated the terror threat to Israel's citizens since well before 2005, when they ceded territory and uprooted Jewish families - just to appease the enemy who had been firing rockets into Israel.

This escalation is no mere coincidence. It reflects a terror stratagem that ratchets itself up in carefully measured strides, with a fixed plan and scenario. The first step is always a provocative, violent incident, like what happened recently along the Gaza border when Palestinians struck an IDF jeep with a missile.

Israel then retaliates feebly, which then serves the enemy as the excuse for it to take step three - the "serious" firing of missiles and mortar shells. This time they fired some 200 rockets. Only with Hashem's providence do we avoid much bloodshed.

Then they heat things up a little more, so about a million of Jews must scramble under the "red alert" terror umbrella, forcing that population to seek haven in large sewer pipes. Meanwhile the enemy can learn about Israeli retaliatory tactics - and then, after an interval, wait for signals of submission or concessions from Israel, like, for example, Israel asking for a "cease-fire".

The enemy knows the Israeli government desperately seeks to mitigate foreign anger directed at them, especially from Europe or America, or maybe even from the international court at the Hague. The enemy knows this and also knows how vain Israeli politicians are in thinking such political considerations further chances of survival of their own political careers.

Sure enough, Israel turns to Egypt to seek her help for a cease-fire. Were Israel to achieve this step, they deem it a "victory" and now can buy more time before the next round of this merry-go-round.

Then the terrorists can once again start filling up their arsenal with more and better weaponry, as Israel's politicians lick their wounds and think they accomplished something.

The last time they went into Gaza to sweep away the dirt, they left the mess. The Rebbe cried out many times against this pathetic, idiotic state of affairs and often called out for Israel to abide by the law in Shulchan Aruch (329) to go out and destroy the enemy, even on Shabbat. He had always been aggressive in his stance against the enemy, as when he urged Israel to conquer Damascus in 1973, or destroy Egypt's 3rd army in the 6-day war, or to destroy the PLO in the war in Lebanon; And surely the same applies to the riffraff that constitutes Hamas and the PLO.

UPDATE (Nov. 21):
Timidity magnified! Now, of course, the world will love us, right? Now, of course, we'll have full-fledged peace, right? More like LUNACY! This "Liberal" mindset is a mental disorder! We are our worst enemy!

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  1. I think Israel was blackmailed and Bibi chose not to confront the world right now. It's better to be in the position of asserting yourself rather than reacting from being backed into a corner.