Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Society's Imperative - Jewish Unity

Chabad changed the world, whether people realize this or not, and continues to change it. The Rebbe seeded his emissaries in every corner of the world to promote Jewish tradition. Chabad has become a household name and a powerful influence that continues unabated. Many thousands of Chabad centers world-wide serve to counter ignorance and reformist ploys by drawing Jews closer to Hashem.

The Rebbe said the plentifulness that God infuses into the world funnels down through the Rebbe, through his chassidim, through world Jewry, into the world. The way Jews behave, therefore, bears directly on what the world experiences.

If conflict exists among Jews, it impacts the world at large by constricting the bounty available because much of the bounty thereby transforms into wasteful and contradictory resources.

It is therefore behooves Jews to clear obstacles that impede the pipeline of plentifulness that feeds the world. Turbulence in the pipeline impedes as well. Only a unified Jewry can influence the world positively to once and make life with Moshiach a reality.

The key ingredient for clearing all impediments in the pipeline of plenty - is unity. Whether or not a Jew agrees with you or not should never be an issue or point of contention. A difference of opinion should be of no more import than the difference facial features make.

Only the instrument of unity can draw down the ultimate blessings - to the entire world. When we got the Torah at Sinai, we merited it because we stood united. To merit the utopia of the Era of Redemption, we again must stand united.

The world's welfare rests upon the shoulders of Jews, whether or not the rest of the world knows it or not.

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