Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Rebbe-Dollar Story

Pictures are illustrative only
Rabbi Groner, the secretary of the Rebbe, related this story:

A young man, about 30 years old, waited in line to receive a dollar from the Rebbe. When his turn came up, he asked the Rebbe for a blessing that he find a suitable shidduch. The Rebbe gave him a dollar and said,  
“כי קרוב אליך הדבר מאד"
("For this thing is very near you" - Deut. 30:14).

Years passed and he began to entertain doubts the Rebbe's blessing would take effect. After all, the Rebbe implied the happening was "very near you", yet many years had passed him by. Finally, many years later, he found his soul mate.

It happened once, now with his family growing, that he discovered he can buy pictures of people who passed by the Rebbe for a dollar from a website online ( All you need do is supply the date and approximate time, then search through the film strips provided, seeking the frame you want to purchase. Once you pay, you can download the picture.

Upon inspection of the film strip where he found his own picture, he was struck by an unusual circumstance. Because the lines of men and women would alternate in moving forward towards the Rebbe, a person, in charge of streaming the lines, would stop one line every so often to give the other line a chance to stream ahead. In his own "men's line", he was the last one in that line before it was stopped. The first woman in the "ladies' line" was now - none other than his wife!

He now discovered how accurate indeed were the words of the Rebbe. His [future] wife was in fact indeed "very near" to him; In fact, she was the next person to appear before the Rebbe, right after him.

Until now, he interpreted "very near" to mean temporally; Now he realized the Rebbe meant it in the sense of physical proximity.

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