Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Rebbe's Advice to the Air Force

When the Lubavitcher Rebbe worked as an engineer for America's military establishment in the early 40's, he was approached for advice concerning a problem Americans were facing during WWII. Menacing German submarines lurking near U.S. coastlines could evade being bombed by the Air Force because the enemy's radar detected the approaching aircraft early enough to dive into the sea for cover.

The Rebbe then advised them to attach many strong illuminary sources to the bottom of the planes. This would give the planes a few extra seconds before the submarine radar controllers would detect them, because they were looking for "dark spots" that identified the planes.

This strategy succeeded to eliminate the presence of the German submarines near American shores.

A person in the know related to us Chassidim this story during a Shabbat "get-together" in 770, well over 15 years ago. He said the project's name was "Project Yehudi" - in honor of the Rebbe.

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