Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Jewish "Christianity Complex"

The one and only eternal Torah
Christian Gentiles have been so proficient in stealing our ideas (and perverting them, of course) that often when the issue of Moshiach comes up, many Jews still associate it with "idol worship" - when nothing can be further from the truth! In fact, it is a veritable and most significant Jewish issue; "Most significant" because it is, in fact, the very purpose for the creation of the world in the first place. The first 6 millennia were meant to lead up to the 7th, Sabbatical millennium, otherwise known as the Era of Ultimate Redemption.

By the way, we have crossed that Era's threshold, because we now look forward to introduction of Shabbath early in the "Friday millennium", it currently being past "noon" of Year 5773.

Another such issue is the "New Torah" that will accompany that era. Here too the Gentile version of this concept is irrelevant (and perverted). Moshiach's "New Torah" is not a new one in the sense of new literature, G-d forbid, but rather, it will be a much deeper insight into that which we were already given. After all, Torah is infinite.

Said our sages, "that which we learned of it in this world (during the 6 millennia) is practically nil compared to what Moshiach will teach us from it." (Koheles Rabba 11:8)
תורה שאדם למד בעולם הזה הבל היא לפני תורתו של משיח

This is why Lubavitch Rebbeim, when quoting Isaiah (51:4),
"... for Torah from Me shall emerge"
כי תורה מאתי תצא
have always inserted the word "new" into the phrase - to stress the exciting forthcoming revelations of Moshiach - which was the sole purpose for the "Chabad Rebbe" phenomenon in the first place.
כי תורה חדשה מאתי תצא

That's because in the Era of Redemption the world will assume further revelatory dimensions that heretofore could not be experienced or perceived; Then the world will be spiritually elevated for us to appreciate that which until then Nature had obscured. Nature will shed its veil and much more of Godliness will become visible to the refined flesh.


  1. Meir, shyichiyeh--"A New Torah will emerge from me" is not a chiddush of the Rebbe, it is from the Midrash (Midrash Rabba, Shmini 13:3, also Midrash Tanchuma).

    א"ר אבין בר כהנא, אמר הקב"ה תורה חדשה מאתי תצא, חדוש תורה מאתי תצא"


  2. Thank you! Checked your sources and, of course, you are right!