Thursday, December 06, 2012

Interpretation of the Butlers' Dreams

The Dream’s Message
by Eliezer Zalmanov
[My additions are in brackets]

We all [Chabadniks] have the responsibility to publicize the Rebbe MH”M’s prophecy that  
"הנה זה בא" [Moshiach]
and the primary shlichus [mission] of “קבלת פני משיח”. There are those who hide behind the Rebbe's directive [by claiming] that it [must] be 
באפן המתקבל” [and exclude themselves with this excuse].

They may be embarrassed from scoffers and refrain from positive action. However, the Rebbe’s advice that it be “באפן המתקבל” means just the opposite! We must develop our own strong unwavering belief - until [and in order that] we can deliver the message in a way that it will be accepted and understood to the outside.

We find this concept [that we need internalize that which we wish to project] hinted at in our Parsha, in the story of the [ministers'] dreams and their interpretations by Yosef Hatzadik.

The question that immediately arises is: Why did he interpret the dream for the butler [minister of beverages] for the good and a similar dream of the baker [minister of pastry] for the opposite?

The Maharam of Lublin asked this question and answered it with a parable. An art display included a strikingly beautiful painting of a farmer carrying a basket full of delicious fruit. The painting was so life-like and the fruit [especially] looked so real that birds would attemp to pick the fruit off of the painting.

The spectators were amazed. However, there was one person among them who just shrugged his shoulders and said, “The fruits indeed look real, but the farmer who is carrying the fruit isn’t alive – for were he alive, the birds wouldn’t dare approach to pick at the fruit.” [See Gen. 9:2, Rashi]

Such was the case in the dream of Pharoah’s baker and Yosef Hatzadik’s interpretation [of it]. When Yosef Hatzadik heard that, in the dream, the birds were picking from the basket that was on the baker’s head, he [necessarily] concluded the baker was missing life.

The same is true with publicizing the news of the Redemption. When a chassid publicizes the words of the Rebbe MH”M, he is, of course, explaining true and accurate concepts. However, in order that it be “באפן המתקבל” to the outside person, the chassid must be totally involved in it – he should be alive himself!

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