Sunday, December 23, 2012

Israel Puts Jewish Lives in Danger Based on Gentile Promises

Another missile tolerated by Israel
Back in 1976, the Rebbe painfully spoke against "agreements" made with the enemy.

"They say they made an agreement. What they got was a piece of paper on which it says they'll pursue peace, and for a given period of time there will be no militancy! These promises hold no value, and the proof is - written on the wall of the United Nations building it says, 'One nation will not bear a sword against another', but inside of that wall they continue scheming to destroy us ....

"... Gentile promises cannot be relied on; Certainly they will not be kept; They have no integrity. If Jews cannot keep promises [as when the media reported that not one case of improper conversion took place, and then, when by divine providence a list of hundreds of such non-kosher conversions of Gentiles was found - they responded by calling for an investigation on who leaked that list!], then how much more so it is impossible to rely on Gentile promises, for as Torah informs us, 'by law it is known Esau hates Jacob'.

"And especially because this is not a personal matter - this matter puts Jews in danger! For now they have missiles in place whose range includes where Jews live, whereas before they never did.

"They put the lives of scores of Jews in danger, and they rely on the promises of Gentiles - whom we've already seen how they keep their word, where within 24 hours the promise is already broken."

Nothing has changed. We still have small people in charge of what could easily be the greatest country in the world, if only we could be rid of the mindless twirps who cannot think outside of the "Please love us" box.


  1. B"H
    "could easily be the greatest country in the word..."

    There's quite a thorny issue here. Israel is meant to be a nation under Moshiach. Zionism, however noble in its aspirations, is just messing things up. We cannot be a nation like any other nation. We HAVE TO BE a holy people under the Kingship of Moshiach. Now how is this going to come about? How are we going to get out of this painful mess to our true destiny? Which WE ALL WANT! Hmmmm????

  2. No question Redemption Watch. I did not mean to say that "the greatest country in the world" is our final objective we yearn for, God forbid. I just meant to say that even as we go to Redemption, with Moshiach to create our sovereign theocracy, we can be meanwhile become the greatest nation anyhow. But I don't think Hashem would let that happen because many Jews may thereby be satisfied in that non-Redemptive state, which is why you too were concerned to respond.

    Thanks for your keen eye.