Sunday, December 09, 2012

Jerusalem vs Damascus

During the war of 1973, that began on Yom Kippur, where Syria and Egypt sought to destroy the Jewish nation, the Rebbe spoke out and urged the Israeli administration to conquer Syria's capital city, Damascus. Why then did the Rebbe not, by the same token, urge it to conquer Cairo?

Because apparently Damascus must fall before Jerusalem can rise to full stature. That's the gist of what the Rebbe spoke to a liason of the Israeli government, that can be viewed on video here.

We spoke about the miracle now unfolding in Syria, first here and then here.

Because Damascus serves as the counterbalance for Jerusalem's rise to all its full glory, and Cairo's significance in this respect is nil, it stands to reason why the Rebbe insisted only on the defeat of Damascus. May that city fall soon, as Israel watches from the sidelines, and may all of Israel's enemies also be drawn into the conflict and be vanquished, once and for all, so that the Era of Redemption radiate for all to see and appreciate - during this Chanuka!

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