Sunday, December 09, 2012

Betraying Just Another Jew

יהונתן בן מלכה
You know why Jonathan Pollard, may he live, be well and set free soon, hasn't yet been freed? I'd bet it's because the Israeli higher echelon does not want him out, and therefore they do not petition for his freedom. Why? Because they fear for their political careers. Once he's let out, he will come to Israel and instantly become a celebrity, sure to win big in any election.

Look at all the fanfare that went into freeing Gilad Shalit. Compare that with the deathly silence vis-a-vis Jonathan Pollard. They simply fear for their political careers. Their careers mean more to them than the life of that Jew whom the Americans, for their part, are only too happy to oblige by keeping the Jew incarcerated for life. And if any moves have been made, they feint these moves to deceive the public but never seriously negotiate for his release.

Shame on Bibi and everyone else who can - but won't - lift a finger to gain this poor Jew's freedom. Just like they won't destroy the Hamas enemy, and will wait until Jewish blood is shed before they react, rather than proactively attack and avoid the spillage of blood (and for those liberal-minded who support inaction by claiming that entry into Gaza will, in and of itself, bring bloodshed, I reply they can do it by aerial attacks), and they care more about their political image among the "nations" than about Jewish blood that might spill - similarly they are ready to betray Jonathan Pollard whose blood they shed daily as he sits in confinement day after day, month after month, year after year and decade after decade!

It is not for nothing securing freedom of a Jewish prisoner is the highest form of Jewish charity!

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