Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spiritual Abortion of Jews

As if we haven't enough trouble from fellow Jews who want to give away parts of Israel to our worst enemies, which only exacerbates Israel's integrity and security, we also have gentiles or "Messianic 'Jews'" who tear at our flesh with their hatred of Torah and God by imbuing naive and innocent Jews with the hollowness of christianity. As Rashi says (Num. 13:27), to make their lies palatable or believable, they need to throw in some truth at first. So they dress themselves in Jewish costume and accoutrements, but the aim is to sway the Jew to believe the nonsense concerning Yoshke (Jesus יש''ו) and to dissuade Jewry from accepting their authentic Jewish tradition. These are well-oiled, well-heeled organizations. And the closer we get to Moshiach's revelation, the more satanic their drive to abort the Jewish soul.

Here's a website I bumped into. They operate in Israel. The pictures speak for themselves.

They have no shame to desecrate the holy Torah. Because that's exactly what they want to do. Note the bald head; The styled beard; The (?Shabbat) microphones (where the band plays - like in a church event); The verse inscribed on the bimah; The colorful talleissim; And note that nobody stands next to the Torah from either side of it!

(I wonder how they make their Torah purchases. They're probably unkosher Torah scrolls anyway.)

Here's their "rabbi", a pox on him! Notice he blows the shofar on Rosh Hashanah, as the microphone dangles on his shoulder.

By closing his eyes he conveys his blessings, in tallis, of course. In that congregation, Jew, Arab, foreigner are treated equally, you would think; It makes no difference, you'd think. But if no Jews were to visit that organization, I guarantee you it would close down on its own and the hell with the Arabs and foreigners they love so much. Why else sponsor this "congregation" in Israel? Only to nab unsuspecting Jewish souls. Jewish souls are secretly the prize possessions of the lot.

Here the "rabbi" and the terrorists fawn over each other. Read the words - "only one roadmap to peace" - by the Israelis giving up even more of his Jewish rights - to Arabs. This kissing and washing of feet smacks of disgusting paganism.

What better way than to entrap the youngsters first, with "love".

As they grow older, the love for spurious Judaism morphs into a social club. The better to laugh away sanctity.

Eventually the innocent Jewish victims become informed their false messiah, with the patent name "Yeshua", happens to have an English name - Jesus.

Had I navigated to look at more of this site, I'd have vomited.

The Rebbe often said a spiritual downfall of the Jew is worse than a physical one. I can only guess at why: Whereas both lead to the extinction of Jewish seed, the spiritual approach is insidious and contagious and can infect many more lives during the process. It can infect by direct influence and indirect influence as well, as when observed by a naive or innocent child or friend who knows no better. The physical way is more gruesome, but less effective than the stealthy one.

The following is presented to show that the above spiritual, Maoz "rabbi-abortionist", who is anything but a Jew, is just as cruel as his physical, Chinese counterparts, only more sly.

China, a horrible communist country, with its many slave labor camps, its many state-of-the-art forced-organ-resection hospitals, which are strategically located on the premises of their subsurface prisons, the better to forcibly harvest organs for immediate sale to foreign "visitors" ($50,000 a pop), also enforces the one-baby-only edict with ruthless terror. Here's one such story:

14 June 2012: It was while her husband was at work when Feng Jianmei, a resident of Shanxi, China was forcibly removed from her home by a group of “Family Planning Police” who barged into their apartment. She was seven months pregnant. Her crime: violating the one-child rule. They took her by car to the "hospital" where they pierced the fetus' head with a stylus and injected the fetus with something, or both. No family member was allowed to accompany her.

She and her husband were given the choice of paying 40,000 yuan – the equivalent of about 3 years wages – or submitting to an abortion. Not having the money, Feng Jiammei was forced to have an abortion. They brought her back two days later, after she aborted. As if this was insufficient for the Family Planning Police, the aborted child was placed next to the distraught mother as shown at the following links (WARNING: VERY DISTURBING & GRAPHIC IMAGES – click here and here to view). UPDATE (27 June): Husband missing. (link)

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