Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Redemptive Era - Phase One

The Rebbe told us Moshiach's era has dawned. But many of us detect no change from how it was years ago. So what gives?

The Rebbe told us to "open our eyes", that is, to see that, in fact, we passed the threshold from the old world into the new one. This prefatory scene, however, despite its momentous significanace, appears to have affected the world with no fundamental change. We must conclude, therefore, the process has to incrementally progress to full-fledged completion, at least from the outset. So, despite what the surface reveals, we are nevertheless in the early stages of the Redemptive Era's development.

This is what Maimonides said about the first phase of Moshiach's era;
עולם כמנהגו נוהג
The world will proceed as usual.

This means the current events unfolding before our eyes spell "The Redemptive Era". If you see Israel being surrounded by more and larger threats than before, you hear the dog barking but he doesn't bite. If you fear for Israel's future, realize Arabs may well end up devouring each other instead, just as Egyptian first-borns of yesteryear murdered fellow Egyptians and freed the Jewish nation. If Jews seem threatened for being Jewish around the world, notice also how a protective glass shields them. If Israel seems inundated with foreigners and Gentiles, notice too the Jewish population remains strong and safe, and leave future concerns for God to handle. If some Jews suffer poverty, notice it is merely relative to an imagined wealth that isn't necessary. If you find many Jews remain far beyond the call of Torah duty, notice too a great wave of new oncomers has joined the Torah fold, against all odds - if judging by the strict code they are yielding to. And if most of Israelis remain as yet unorthodox, see nevertheless how the majority now believe in God and in Torah's holiness, despite the incessant bias from the media and government policies, and therefore have but a thin line that separates them from true Torah convictions.

Appearances remain nothing more than appearances. Jewish faith can change appearances and effectively cancel the apparent threats. The Jewish thought process has powerful ramifications; It can now actually nullify threats from transpiring. This is now how the redemption unfolds before our eyes - it looks like it will be bad, but it is, in fact, the concealed way of actually being fantastic.

"Opening your eyes" includes UNDERSTANDING that it is up to you to change the world with YOUR THOUGHTS because YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. A Gentile cannot. Jews are God's representative people. Jews therefore have the inherent power to change the world faster by GOOD THOUGHTS and GOOD DEEDS. This is the power intrinsic in contemporary Jewry.

Hail the Rebbe King Moshiach who has left us with this legacy of power to bring on the Redemption. Will it and it will come to be - via you! Think good - and it therefore will be good!

Who else can change it? Gentiles? Like those who mouth rap "music" with angry, stupid rhyming? Who can change it, a culture where youngsters walk around with their pants below their waists, exposing their underwear? Can you expect a people that allow abortive killing in the millions to bring goodness to the world? Can a society of loose morals bring about this sublime change? This Gentile generation and its decadent culture is quickly dying, taking America down to a decrepit state. Once God was its central platform, as in "In God we trust" or as in "endowed by the Creator", but that has been gradually chiseled away since the country's inception.

Look at pictures of city dwellers or even Hollywood films of a few decades ago. You immediately detect the change in modesty and nobility. Like Germany of 60 years ago, Americans profess to be on the right track but you can see brutish character wherever you turn; Any polish is only skin deep. The sanctity of family, once the lynchpin of a healthy society, has withered into perverse "relationships" - like "same-sex marriage". The medical institution has become a legitimatized industry of drug-pushers. Racial tensions are rising. Anti-Semitism again simmers. The dollar has been purposely brought to ruin. Fascists have taken control of the White House.

The god worshipped as "Democracy" is dead.

Only the orthodox Jew has the power to think good to make things better. Only the orthodox Jew can enable the Gentile to regain some of his power by teaching him to conform with the 7 Noahide laws as sanctioned by Moses. If he conforms, this remains his only avenue of hope - to align with Jewish interests. America is tailspinning irreversibly into an abyss of misery! Only God's overt lifeline can now be summoned by the Gentile for direct help! Woe to the blind who seek salvation from false gods and plodding the dogma of spurious faiths.

(I say the "orthodox" Jew because only orthodoxy is valid. The likes of "conservative" or "reform" or "reconstructive" or other "plastic surgical" types of reformists have no steel anchor embedded in Torah; All they have is some malleable romanticism with but no committment or proper respect for Torah's dictates or its origin. Reformist Jews more likely act against the better interests of society by seeking to appease or conform with the decadent Gentile element. Reformist Jews are Jewish quacks!

They fear being genuine Jews. They fear to pray as Jews prayed for millennia, as dictated by our sages. They lack faith in God - in His eternal providence. They seek to be "modern", as if contemporary lifestyle holds an advantage over that of previous era, as if our sages had no idea of what the future held. So they improvise their own nonsense and rules of conduct, like forbidding the wearing of kipahs in their "temple", or to have mixed seating, or creating lady rabbis, or calling up couples to the Torah reading, or to replace cantors with tape recorders. They desecrate the Sabbath and desecrate holy tradition. They fear to offend the Gentile, thinking - wrongly - the Gentile prefers a "modern", assimilated Jew over an "ultra" orthodox Jew whose ways could only stultify them with ancient customs. In other words, these reformists are birds of the same feather, no matter to what extent they deviate, because any deviation leads to appalling results - like, for example, the "conservative rabbis'" recent consensus in support of "same-sex marriage" - an outright abomination! These quacks all lack pride in authentic God-given Judaism, or, simply no nothing at all about it.)

The orthodox Jew is the cog of society's wheel. Whereas before the Redemptive Era that fact hadn't been obvious, but now, if we "open our eyes", we can readily sense the divine providence that follows this Jew's every breath, thought and step.

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