Saturday, June 09, 2012

Ordinary in Tampa Bay is Extraordinary

Here's a recent email from my rabbi friend, the Rebbe's emissary in Tampa Bay, FL., who takes advantage of every opportunity to take Jews back to the warm Jewish fold, especially those "kidnapped since birth" by a Gentile culture:
Recently, after we purchased our home, I went looking for tiles, since the entire floor needs to be replaced. As such, I shopped around at various stores looking for the best deal.

During this search, as usual, I always take my Tefillin with me, and as usual, I always find Jews wherever I may go, since they are everywhere!

The Tampa Bay area has approx 300.000 Jews, the vast majority have never been to a synagogue in their entire life, and are not involved in the Jewish community in any way. Therefore these random acts of Judaism are the best way to meet Jews and develop a good friendship.

The first shop I went to was "Floor & Décor" on US 19 and Sunset Point Rd. where we all went together as a family, and sure enough, one of the sales people told Raizy "I am Jewish". Going together as a Jewish family, with Raizy and the kids, is the best advertisement possible, people are immediately attracted, and everyone looks, people of all backgrounds. Because in our day and age, it is highly unusual to see an actual family, with married parents and children walking together as one. So this event serves as a great opportunity to show average Americans the beauty of Judaism.

Back to that sales person, his name is David S__, he is a very proud Jew as you can see from all his tattoos, and he got WRAPPED with Tefillin for the very first time in his life. We celebrated his "Spiritual Bar-Mitzvah" right there in the "Floor & Décor". He had many tears in his eyes as emotions took over. The amazing divine providence was that 4 days later he left for another job. So it was all BASHERT – meant to be. Later, we had David and his wife over for Shabbat dinner; One Mitzvah leads to another.

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