Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Magic River

Imagine, for a moment, a surging river, loaded with lumber, building materials and hardware, also gushing into its many tributaries - and wherever along the water banks a house needs fixing, renovation or replacement, the waters dam up nearby, flood the homestead, bubble with activity, then, when the commotion dies away and the waters resume their normal flow, the homestead is, miraculously, left looking new. Imagine too, this river mends fences, does gardening and removes garbage along the banks wherever necessary.

Imagine all the free time people gain from all this work the river does without their slightest concern, effort, or even intervention - in fact, even without their knowledge. Moreover, imagine these magical powers spontaneously developed, without a learning process; The system relied on its own initiatives, its own perceptions and assessments, on its own skills, and on its own takes care of supplies, tools, performance - based on its own high standards. And to really be sure people enjoy this service, it's offered free of charge!

Other systems interact with this waterway network. An extensive port facility stands ready to unload all waste matter from the water and to load it with essential supplies. If canisters in the water, which carry materials, erode or need replacement, another system throws newly fabricated canisters into the water where necessary. In case an assault on one or more homesteads is discovered, a team of swimmers emerge from the water to fight off the offending agents, sometimes even at the cost of self-sacrifice. These police swimmers constitute an entire brigade force, with plenty more ready to replace them or even to join the fight to better the odds of victory. A supermarket chain also has its swimmers suited to deliver food to the homesteaders.

Imagine all the peace of mind people gain living next to such a river. Can so magnificent a river, with its adjunct systems, exist? Can so many wonderful advantages accrue to people nearby?

You might think such a marvel of existence is too phenomenal even to dream of. Even were you to let your imagination run wild, you'd be hard-pressed to think of any new way to improve upon its splendid features.

Nevertheless, such a river exists in nature! In fact, unbelievably, it offers many more advantages than has here been described.

In fact, there is not one, but virtually very many billions of such rivers in nature. And, as stated, the magical features mentioned above are understated because these miraculous rivers offer so much more benefits for the homesteads.

And how many such homesteads enjoy these amazing benefits? No less than trillions of trillions of homesteads are constantly monitored for repairs and maintenance!

The magical river exists in every human being and in every animal on the face of this globe. It is the body's circulatory system of blood; And the homestead is the cell of the body.

This magical river surges within us under exquisite control that reflects infinite planned purposefulness and organization. Many systems integrate and communicate with it. For example, the respiratory system supplies the oxygen and removes the carbon-dioxide. The heart keeps the river surging. Muscles in the arteries and arterioles direct the traffic expediently. Bone marrow furnishes new red-blood-cells to replace the dying ones. The immune system furnishes policing white-blood-cells to combat infection or disease. Hemoglobin molecules are fabricated to transport the oxygen. Etc.

This wondrous orchestration of systems keeps us alive and well every second, every day and every year, year after year. Should you not offer God a thank-you right now in gratitude? Thank you God for this wonderful world you placed us in, and may we merit to see more of your wonders soon, when the world will be elevated onto a new, much higher plane of experience - when the Era of Redemption manifests in its full glory very soon in our days, please God!


  1. Come quickly Lord Jesus...come quickly. And thank you for every day of life.
    I write and maintain a blog which I have entitled “Accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it. I didn’t see a follow widget on this site, but if you put one up...I will gladly follow you publicly as well.

  2. covnitkepr - Don't bother! You cannot even speak to what this issue deals with, so you wish to entice away the Jew in another way - and not via logic. Here we speak of the divine - not in the indulgence of idolatry.