Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bad Jewish Leaders

Poor Jews. The leaders they have often set them back from readily available gains - by decades.

We note such a setback when 12 leaders of the Jews, on their way in the desert trekking towards the Land of Israel, insisted from Moses to spy out the the land God promised to give to the Jewish people, before setting foot into it. Not only did they ignore God's word, but when they returned from the mission they sought to discourage the Jews from entering the land!

This sin was a grievous blow that forestalled entry into the Holy Land by 40 years!

The Rebbe too stated how the Era of Redemption had been impeded by decades because of the Jewish country's Zionist thrust to forge it into a secular state (see here).

Today too a similar senseless posture undermines and frustrates the Jewish people's yearning for a country of their own. Today's generation of Jews too see how the Rebbe's words of warning fall on deaf ears. Instead of turning Israel in a country for Jews and only for the sake of Jews, the consortium of leaders seeks to appease Gentile populations at the expense of Jewish rights and seeks to cede some of the Holy Land, which God gifted the Jews during the wars, and hand it back to the Gentiles who instigated the wars in the first place. All that can come from such fallacy is renewed warfare, God forbid!

You might think this awful policy comes solely from a secular mindset, but, in fact, an orthodox party, Shas, prevents this government from dissolution, so further destruction can take place, all due to worship of the false idol of money and power this party receives as bribes.

We could be celebrating the Era of Redemption NOW, by acknowledging the Rebbe as leader of the Jewish people - here and now! Instead, we must suffers the woes of misfortune because many Jews and their leaders think they know better than the Rebbe, the Moses of our generation.

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  1. I have my answer -

    Each person can establish his own personal Israel, a place where G-dliness is revealed, no matter where he lives. Once, when a Chassid asked the Tzemach Tzedek whether he should go on Aliyah, the Tzemach Tzedek answered “make Israel here.” This statement is supported by a statement of the Meiri (whose name means the illuminator. His commentary sheds light on many questions, particularly on the topic of Teshuvah, about which there are many arguments between commentaries.) Commenting on the Talmud’s prohibition to leave Israel, and also Babylonia (which in Talmudic times was a Torah center), he writes that any place which possesses Torah and Yirah Shamayim (fear of heaven) is like Eretz Yisrael and one is forbidden to depart from it except under certain circumstances. Each Jew has a mission to make his portion of the world, wherever it is, a land of Israel, a land which desires to fulfill G-d’s will. If he meets with opposition, he must know that the name Israel was given over to Yaakov, because “he struggled with angels and with men and prevailed.” No matter what the challenge, a Jew has G-d’s blessing and promise of success and therefore, will not be affected by those who scorn him.