Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bad Israeli Leadership

Of 12 leaders of Israelites who spied the Land of Israel, 10 were severely punished for opining the might of the enemy, effectively disowning the Land of Israel. They forfeited their right to this cherished land, as did all those emotionally aligned with them. In contrast, the 2 leaders with a positive outlook merited entry into the Holy Land. These tried to convince the people to forsake their fear of those who lay claim to the land as theirs and, instead, trust in God.

Their words, spoken 3,324 years ago, provide a lesson for us to heed today. (Num. 14:8-9)

They said:

אם חפץ בנו השם
"If God favors us ..."
(and how would we know this ...)

והביא אתנו אל הארץ הזאת ונתנה לנו ארץ אשר היא זבת חלב ודבש
"... for He brought us to this land that flows with milk and honey and gave it to us"
(that's how we'd know, for He brought us to it and gave it to us - the second and final time in 5708 (1948), this beautiful land that flows with milk and honey - giving us back our Land of Israel, and keeping us victorious in all our wars against the enemy)

אך בה' אל תמרדו
"But then against God do not rebel ..."
(by ungratefully giving away parts of this Holy Land He gave to us as a gift)

ואתם אל תיראו את עם הארץ
"... and you should not fear those in the land ..."
(that claim priority rights to it, or any other "rights" to any part of it)

כי לחמנו הם סר צלם מעליהם וה' אתנו אל תיראם
"... for they are our fodder [we can conquer them], their protectiveness [rights] has lapsed, and God is with us, so fear them not!"
(That God is with us is abundantly clear; Every war was a miraculous victory for the Jewish people. [As if sitting once again upon our sovereign, ancestral land, after two millennia of dispersion, persecution, murder and hatred wherever a Jew rested his tired feet, were not enough proof.])

Why then all this preoccupation with the so-called rights of the enemy, or seeking to soothe far-flung anti-Semites who would love nothing more than Israel's annihilation? And if the Gentiles can manage it bit by bit, then that's how they'll aim to do it.

Especially now we must stand firm against chipping away more of our Holy Land, for now they threaten to raze the Ulpana settlement. Already they yielded the huge Sinai Peninsula, the oilfields, the city of Yamit, the large sector of Gush Katif and many other places. Many settlements have been destroyed. Besides that, numerous cities remain officially Judenrein. Plus they tolerate the terror of Gaza rockets raining down in the South. But the Gentile forces see that pressure works, and that political fools in Israel continue to relent. Where oh where are leaders like Joshua and Kalev? Where is Moshiach?!

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