Monday, August 26, 2013

Isaiah 19's Prophecy

Prophecies in the 24 holy books were not transcribed unless they also pertained to the future. Thus, although a prophecy came to pass on Egypt, for example, had it also not held its content to be applied for a future date, that prophecy would not have been inscribed.

Isaiah 19 begins by prophesying on Egypt's "Burden", one that, when it comes, will swiftly makes its way. A three-pronged onslaught is depicted. The first attack will come from infiltrators from foreign soil (Rashi 19:1). The second will result when, as God says, "I will provoke Egyptians against Egyptians" (19:2). In other words, the infiltration of foreigners will bring about the second phase of God's offensive, by causing an Egyptian civil war. The third phase will come when the Nile River shall no longer serve as the vital resource it always was.

This last attack would be especially disastrous because Egypt always depended on this river for its sustenance. Perhaps because of some association with the relatively newly-built Aswan Dam, or because of a natural disaster that will lower river's level, the river's ability to vitalize the economy will sharply decline. This last attack becomes all the more significant because 98% of the population lives on 3% of Egyptian territory - along the Nile River.

When the Jews first made their original exodus from Egypt, it happened on the 7th day that the Jews found themselves stuck between an Egyptian military onrush on one side and the sea on the other. The Jews split along 4 factions of thought as to what to do and how to react. That's when God had His plans to execute; He told Moses to tell the Jewish people that none of their opinions count. God told him to tell the Jews, "God will fight for you - and you - just stay still" (Ex.14:14).

So far, we see the same events unfolding in Egypt today. Just as back then, prior to the Jewish deliverance, Egyptians attacked their brethren (Psalms 136:10), we see the same phenomenon playing itself out in Egypt (and in Syria, in Tunisia and elsewhere in Arab sectors).

The fighting may well have started because infiltrators from foreign territory, such as Al-Queida from Afghanistan or Moslem Brotherhood terrorists from wherever, began to impose upon local policy.

The 3rd phase I suppose has yet to happen for us to recognize it.

The chapter ends with solace for the Egyptian people. It will be a time when they will finally realize the Redemption of the Jewish people is in full swing and they will then acknowledge God and acquiesce, by accepting the yoke of the 7 Noahide Laws, and peace will make its triumphant finale as the Era of Ultimate Redemption materializes in full bloom.


  1. Apparently Ethiopia plans to build a hydroelectric dam that has the effect of diverting the Blue Nile and has both Sudan and Egypt greatly concerned about its potential impact.