Sunday, September 01, 2013

Jews in Unity Make for a Happy 5774

On the Jewish New Year we all stand in front of Hashem as One People, ranging from the "heads" among us to the "toes" among us, all parts of the same one body, all parts needing each other to function properly in unity and therefore without seeing others any less valuable. This unity is what gives Jews the power to self-sustain and prevail as we make our way out of the diaspora. You may disapprove of your fellow Jew's position, but only insofar as the position goes - but not his value as a person. Each of us was created for a vital purpose. If we stand firm in our unity, we stand in God's good grace, because that is what God wants of us. This is the whole point of Rosh Hashannah - the day of judgement. God wants us to crown Him, as God of the world of course, but particularly the God of the Jewish people who represent Him and have an intimate bond with Him, so our representation must be a collective effort in concert. This assures the Jewish people of a forthcoming bright, good and sweet New Year.

My fellow Jews - have a great and happy 5774, and may this year bring to full bloom the Era of Redemption we are now into, only not yet plainly seen because of our fleshy eyes. We see it with our spiritual mind's eye, and we trust the Rebbe's prophecy that he invoked in 1991. But we yearn for the revelation from a physical perspective as well, and may that happen very soon in our days ahead!

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