Sunday, September 01, 2013

Feel the Pulse of Redemption

You might write off current Muslim events as "lucky" because Israelis find respite from direct armed conflict, which moments ago seemed certain when America's honcho said he'll lob a few Cruise Missiles into Syria to punish it for using chemical warfare (as if another means of killing is tolerable), but instead the White House freeloader turned tail and ran to play golf, as Muslims fight Muslims in the Middle East.

Based upon the Rebbe's prophecy of 1991, I think it has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the Era of Ultimate Redemption that's kicking into higher gear, if we just "open our eyes" to see.

Viewed strictly through Nature's eyes - it appears Israel has good reason for alarm because terror threatens her from proximate borders. But unless you view these events from a Redemption perspective, you're losing the bigger, all-encompassing picture, as we witness how evil forces, collectively the world-over, are headed towards implosion.

Hezbollah produced a lot of anxiety because it amassed formidable strength in the North. So what happened when it attained peak strength? It became embroiled in Syria's quagmire.

The Syrian civil strife draws into its net factors far and wide. Kuwait, for example, began a mass expulsion of its Lebanese Shiite residents over Hezbollah’s role in Syria, positioning itself at loggerheads with Iran and Syria. Saudis no doubt are pumping millions into the hands of Al Queida in its attempt to topple Syria. Russians, meanwhile, prop up Syria with heavy armaments. Not to be left out of its empathetic, Muslim agenda, America's regime is sending armored vehicles to Hezbollah (a terrorist organization, let alone an enemy of Israel).

Tensions along Israel's Southern border also got a reprieve as Egyptians fight Egyptians. Hamas, who supports Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, redirected its venom at Egyptian Army troops. Egypt, in retaliation, sealed up most smuggling tunnels between Sinai and Gaza. A bitter war is underway, and escalating, between Sinai Arab elements and the Egyptian army. To support the Muslim Brotherhood side, America canceled delivery of 4 F-16′s promised to Egypt. The Saudis and another Arab country were then quick to pledge billions to help finance the Egyptian army.

Turkey had sought dominion by aligning with Egypt. Even after foolish Israelis obsequiously offered millions of dollars to mollify an "angry" Turkey, suddenly Egypt and Turkey have become bitter enemies. Turkey badly wants its friend Morsi back in power.

Just when threats against Israel become red hot, God directs Russia to send in a few warships into the Mediterranean. Then God directs America to send in its warships too. Suddenly a strong shift of winds upsets the Syrian agenda against Israel because now a more significant development usurps the original "petty" agenda. Suddenly Syria is thrust into the limelight, with such important, superpower visitors at her doorstep. Syria must now greet its guests' heavy concerns. Syria thus tosses aside, "for now", the petty consideration of toying with little Israel, who does not warrant "major" concern.

Even as foolish leaders, such as Peres and Netanyahu, still wish to suck up to the Arab enemy, God no longer hides enemy motives and reveals their evil intentions for most Israelis to clearly see. As "peace talks" are in progress, Israelis saw how the PA President hosted with honor the terrorists responsible for many atrocities against Israeli civilians.

To the dread of liberal leftist Israelis, the world will soon appear to gang up against Israel. Such Israelis, shamed of their religion, cannot bear feeling different from their Gentile peers. Anyhow, Hashem will extricate the Jews in miraculous fashion. To prepare for that "painful" transition, God gives wise Jews an opportunity to hear the bark rather than feel the bite, as Jews are conditioned by incessant anti-Semitic indictments of the "world body", the United Nations.

We are reminded of the divine instruction Jews received prior to crossing the Red Sea. As Pharoah and Egyptians raced headlong with their swords drawn, on their best steeds and iron chariots, against the defenseless Jews, Moses told the Jews, "God will fight for you; You just remain still!" (Ex.14:14)

By wallowing in politics, rather than indulging in Torah, Jewish people do themselves a disservice. Secular preoccupation, Chassidus explains, in and of itself augments the secular sector's importance as a factor on the world stage. It fuels their momentum. In and of itself, this preoccupation cheats the fuel's original intention by redirecting energies away from Torah consumption into foreign streams, incrementing the life-force of non-Torah elements. (I tried explaining this concept best I understand it here) But it does pay to view secular events from a tangential, casual perspective, because I suppose that's what the Rebbe meant when he told us to "open our eyes" to unfolding events as they reflect the Era of Redemption.

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