Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sounds of War or Sounds of Redemption?

Drums are beating ominously for Israel, again. What people don't hear is the harmony in the background of God's orchestration.

Israelis frantically comb their stores and clog their phone lines in search of gasmasks. They already forgot the miracles of the Persian Gulf War when too they scrambled for gas masks - for naught.

Chemical warfare had just lay waste 1,000 people across Israel's border, including many children. So we Jews across the continent from brethren in Israel have more reason to sit more calmly. In Israel, to be sure, the threat and fear are far more palpable. But this scenario that plays out is a show for the Jews of the world, primarily, and a show to watch for the other nations of the world, secondarily. So what is in the offing?

Who would have thought that after 9/11 America would install a Muslim sympathizer into highest office, who would collect his administering staff from the worst anti-Semitic elements to govern the world's most powerful country? And who would have thought that this administration secretly supports the most radical of Muslim elements, at that?

The picture can be painted all black but its purpose only serves to highlight the one spot of light that shines from its middle, and that white spot will grow wider and brighter as Jews, and the world, can't help but focus in on. It is God's painting; God wants Jews to turn to Him - and NOT turn to America for succor! What better way to do it than by showing Jews they do not need America, and should not want America, but rather should beseech God and only God for assistance.

Jews can and will be extricated from this dreadful screenplay. Watch and see! Keep your arms folded and your prayer books open. We have the promise of the Rebbe on this, and ample evidence until now that he was 100% right, namely, that we have embarked upon the Era of the Final and Ultimate Redemption. This is more his, Moshiach's, fight than it is ours; On that too we have his promise. He also injected us with the right painkiller; He told us, over and over again, "think good - and all will be good!"

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