Saturday, August 10, 2013

70 Faces to Torah

נביא אקים להם מקרב אחיהם כמוך ונתתי דברי בפיו ודבר אליהם את כל אשר אצונו

והיה האיש אשר לא ישמע אל דברי אשר ידבר בשמי אנכי אדרש מעמו

"I'll install a prophet for them from among their brothers, like you, and I'll put My words into his mouth; And he will speak to them all I command him.

And, whoever does not hearken to My words that he speaks in My name, I will exact it of him."

The Torah has 70 faces. Here's one that jumped out at me, although Rashi gives a different understanding, but my understanding cannot be denied from the consecutive words of the Torah:

I will embed a prophet in your midst [every generation], and I will place My words in his mouth [דברי אלקים חיים], which he will speak to you ... and he who will not heed [these] My words, which the prophet vocalized, I will compel him to acquiesce.

In other words, Hashem expects every Jew to pay heed to the words spoken by Hashem's prophet, in our case, the prophet of OUR generation - the Rebbe - and if some Jews believe they can overlook the Rebbe's words, words that God placed into his mouth, where the Rebbe's throat vocalized Hashem's words, then these Jews will in the final scenario have to acquiesce for lack of no other choice.

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