Thursday, August 08, 2013

Degenerate Political Policy

Torah tells us (Deut.19:11-13) a 1st-degree murderer of a Jew himself must face the death penalty. How much more so, therefore, if the murderer is a Gentile terrorist? Yet Israel today has this logic turned on its head; Instead of ridding the world of this Arab scum, they allow them to go free from jail after a period of incarceration. This policy is like spitting God in the eye.

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The reason God gave Jews the Holy Land was because the Canaanite ways He found abominable (Deut.18:10-12). One such abomination was the sacrifice of children to a "higher" purpose. Nothing has changed; Today too the Arabs sacrifice their sons and daughters for a "higher" purpose, first by educating them to admire evil behavior, while brainwashing them to believe the Jew is less than human, and finally by strapping the children with suicide vests. And to be sure the violence perpetuates, they commemorate boulevards, plazas and placards for their "heroes".

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Yet some Jews, especially the wayward, Reformist Jews, seek to find common ground with or mollify this bitter enemy, who God Himself knows is incorrigible and therefore warns us to rid the Holy Land of them.

In spite of this degenerate Israeli political policy, the Land of Israel thrives and its Jewish people will soon, hopefully very soon, dance with Moshiach and reclaim its entire landscape in the Era of Ultimate Redemption.

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  1. Yes. I agree with you. But my "P.C." and "Evolved" tolerant friends like to say to me..All religions are equal and all people are equal in G-ds eyes." And "G-d loves everyone the same..he loves us all. We are all his. All our souls are the same to him."
    And can't we all just get along..and so on.
    But why is it so important to everyone to hold the love and admiration of those who only want to destroy Israel.
    You are not allowed to say immorality is a sin or murder or that Hashem says the religion of another is abhorrent.
    How bad was it in the days of the evil generation before Noah? When will man either become too evil or so very good that Hashem takesevents in his hands again?
    It says somewhere when Moshiach comes that everyone will be a prophet but no one will want to admit it?