Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Fresh Air of Redemption

With clean air, you can take a deep breath of fresh air deep into your lungs, to nourish your blood with oxygen. Just as God uses ozone to clean the air after lightning strikes, so too every so often Judaism needed lightning to strike to clean the air from Reform pollutants in its environment. Thank God we're done with lightnings and the Reform elements are, on the whole, being oxidized into oblivion, leaving most Jews to breathe the fresh air of orthodoxy.

Whereas in the past such cyclic scenarios, of pollution and purification, were part of the Jewish landscape, thankfully in our recent and current days we have only the wonderful prospect of continuous elevation to the lofty Era of Redemption to anticipate. The cycles of upheaval for the Jewish people is now a relic of the past, even though it's close enough in history to still feel the singe. From here on in, only the glory of Judaism will forever shine, every day brighter than the day before.

Whereas in the past the curses we read about in the Torah portion of Ki Tavo plagued us whenever our spirits were polluted and infected with Reformism, we can now thank God wholeheartedly because, as the Rebbe told us, those rebukes are done and over with; From now on only the blessings of this Torah portion shall Jews bequeath.

That's not to say Reformism is gone and dead. But it is dying, and all those who still grab at its skirts do so out of sheer ignorance - an ignorance that shall diminish as these latecomers to genuine Judaism open their minds' eyes, especially today with the help of the internet window. Soon enough these Reformists will see they are being led astray by non-Jewish elements in their midst, pollutants that they had allowed into their breathing space. As they choke they will learn to abandon this hollowness, to seek out the hallowed, verdant Jewish lifestyle from which all Jews will soon encounter the long-awaited utopia to which God is taking us by the hand.


  1. Wow a new look ... I think the lime color should be a yellow/blue/or tannish color instead; it needs some contrast.

    Speaking of fresh air, one should breathe deeply every day outside in our Jerusalem mountain air!


  2. Still experimenting, Neshama. Some "widgets" I had placed before new Blogger revisions went into effect destroyed my widgets, so I thought going to a new template would cure that - but it didn't. Anyhow - it's all for the good! Kol tuv - and BOY, how I wish I could breathe Yerushalayim's air every moment!