Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shiloh - The Masquerading Missionary

Thinking I was responding to some young, lunatic Jew who fell of his rocker and needed to be set straight, I took the time to try and formulate important issues and put these in proper context for him, and spent some time doing so. It didn't add up when I noticed nothing I said, but nothing, could penetrate his numbed skull.

After some 10 comments - that's when it hit me! The bloody creep was a good-for-nothing missionary who would repeatedly quote some verse in Tanach, not knowing what he was saying. He would deride our Talmud and its sages. And no wonder; Because our oral tradition is what anchors Jews to our Torah, something he would find anathema, because his hidden agenda is to tout the "new" book instead of what he wants us to believe is "old".

His ultimate aim is to dissociate Jews from Torah. This guy figures to do it slyly, like the Yetzer Hara does it, by first dissuading the Jew of his Oral Tradition.

Anyone honoring our sages would find this lowlife as nauseating as I do. He signed in as Shiloh. Of course, his name's link leads to nowhere. The coward comments under the guise of being Jewish.

I should have known better. Responding to comments without seeing whom I'm responding to puts me at a disadvantage. I blog to educate or express an opinion, and I figure commenters have sincere intentions, as I do. Not these missionaries, though, who waste not only their own loathsome lives, so they could care less that they waste the time of others, especially Jews whom they despise. And for good reason - for they have nothing themselves of any value. And, they think, by stepping on Jews, they can thereby raise themselves. That's about the only way they know how to "rise" and take on "value".

Shiloh - I spit on you! And on every other stealth missionary.


  1. These scum are all over facebook: wherever there is a page with Israel in the title, that they can slither into, they will. Then they start with the insults. I no longer see a difference between christians and mozlems.

  2. a moslem is taught at a young age to kill jews

  3. He's nothing but a disgusting, Internet troll who goes after Jewish blogs to spew is venom praising his mamzer, fake messiah.

  4. This professional troll has already posted thousands of tricky pseudo-erudite comments on other Jewish blogs, mainly on Mystical Paths, where the infinite patience of Reb Akiva, Reb Gutman and Reb Nati has provided an outlet for his rantings. I've suggested them several times to *ban* that scumbag, who keeps on trolling about his "historical jew" (LOLLLLL). It's time for all Jewish blogs to ban him forever.

  5. Keep the faith and don't let anyone or anything get ya down!:) God bless~!

  6. "mang-d?"

    Only a fraud who doesn't get it would write that...

  7. To Shiloh, and to Pinchas,
    ימח שמכם וזכרכם
    ימח שמו וזכרו

  8. Juniper - I turned the cards on them and played their game! Perhaps I should have not done the following but this person really got my "dander up" a secular Jew became a messianic xtian from my "neck of the woods" in North Carolina - and his trapping other Yidden got the best of me. So what did I do? I created a FB account with his name - befriended several of his followers - before pulling and leading them to all the sites refuting their foolish beliefs. I eventually turned my FB name back to ToT - I am in touch with one Yid (so she says) that grew up xtian and became a messy - I'm trying to lead her back but I believe she is as this Shilo person is - a fake.

    I felt justified doing this. Hey, if their Paul deceived - I said heck I'm gonna play that game for one hand.

    XTIAN FB friend said: "Paul said (In the passage from 1 Corinthians 9, Paul was not using deception at all. (xtians state this is reference to Philippians 1:18 In every way, whether in pretence or in truth, J is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice. - He (Paul) was indeed a Jew, yet was not bound by the Law because he was in Messiah. Paul had the freedom to follow the Law for the sake of connecting with Jewish people, or to not follow it for the sake of reaching the Gentiles.)"