Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Ron Paul Phenomenon

Funny how freedom-loving persons who happen to harbor anti-Semitism in their marrow can so easily become discombobulated and fight against free speech when this particular nerve of theirs is rubbed. Ron Paul knows enough to cloak his Jew-hatred under layers of economic-sense parameters, or not so adroitly by lending credence to Israel's worst enemies, but his supporters, many at least, don't bother to conceal their contempt for anything Jewish. Like a wild dog suddenly confronted by a stray cat, these supporters erupt into aggressive attack mode and cannot calm down as long as a Jewish issue or presence lingers uncontested. Freedom of speech for Jews or Jewish supporters now becomes anathema to them, and they are blind to the contradiction.

To encounter an Amalekite is quite common a circumstance for a Jew raised or living among Gentiles. It is as definite as the Jewish law - that "Esau hates Jacob", and we sense this virulence in anyone bearing the Amalekite genome.

The Amalekites, as Torah attests, were the first nation in Jewish history to make war on the Jewish nation. They did it for no good reason. After the Exodus, the Jewish people headed South towards the lower tip of the Sinai Desert, parallel to the bank of the Red Sea just East of Egypt. Then, the entire male population of the nation of Amalek, from their land situated in the Northeast of the Sinai Desert, garnered their weapons and rushed Southward to catch up to the Jews, to fight them, to annihilate them. Never did this nation have any interaction with the Jews until then. Their lustful pursuit to kill or fight the Jew has no rationale. They simply cannot help themselves. It derives from an automatic, genetic bitter hatred for the Jew. They cannot stomach the idea of a free Jewish nation. In their loathing, the Amalekites traversed more than half the desert to prey on their unsuspecting victims.

Today, millennia after Sancheriv exiled the Jewish people to far-off places and mixed up the tribes, and scattered the Gentiles as well, Amalekites too have been dispersed where only nature can take each one. As a collective body, therefore, they no longer constitute a nation, but their genes definitely still exist in individuals throughout mankind. The easiest way to discern the real Amalekite is simply to gauge his hatred. If the hate is unprovoked, vile, irrational, suddenly surfaces and the person is willing to practically self-sacrifice for the cause, he is almost certainly one with the Amalekite genome.

Hitler, no doubt, was an Amalekite, as were, of course, many of his cohorts who rose to help him enthusiastically. I suspect Pat Buchanan too. Others who most probably share this feature today are Farrakhan, Obama, Wright and Ayers.

Many Arabs too, no doubt, come from this seed, although they may instead come from the "wild" seed of Ishmael (see here). But here too the distinction is clear. Whereas Ishmael hates the Jew as does the Amalekite, the latter holds no such virulent hate for any other nation, while Ishmael's descendants hate all of mankind, even of their own.

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  1. very interesting and factual article. Unfortunately it is true. I am praying for the arrival of Moshiach this year!